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The first episode of De Affaire (Netherlands) featured the bare butt of Kiki van Deursen (1080hd)


And episodes 4 through 6 in the third season of Hemlock Grove feature Camille de Pazzis (1080hd)

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Full Body Massage



Part 2 -  all of the Mimi Rogers stills and the first set of clips

Wolf Cop


A couple of Canadian horror movies today. Went looking for more stuff with Sarah Lind who featured in last week's update from the Molly Hartley sequel and came across this werewolf horror comedy WolfCop, a corny movie, but not without some laughs and Sarah Lind's cleavage in is prominence throughout her role and then she has a sex scene with the wolf cop and a body double turns up (and is also credited) which further goes to my theory that she used a body double in the Molly Hartley sequel.

Sarah Lind film clip (sample below)

Cheryl Mazil film clip (sample below)



Ah well... Die is a horror movie not far removed from Saw with a group of at-risk people imprisoned by a man who lives by the die (nice double pun on the title) and sets about a series of life and death experiments that make one of the imprisoned decide the fate of another. Not a bad little movie.

Emily Hampshire 1080hd film clip (collages below)

Katie Boland 1080hd film clip (sample below)

Film/TV Clips

Deborah Ann Woll in Forever (2015) in 720p

Various people in Strom: Der Film (2014) in 1080hd

Cara Jedell in that immortal cinema classic, Mr Murder (1998)


Ana Maria Orozco is the Columbian actress who played the original Spanish-language version of Ugly Betty