For Christ's Sake

For Christ's Sake is a no-budget comedy that was filmed in 2009, never released to theaters, and stuck on a shelf somewhere until it came to DVD. That probably tells you more about its quality than any comments I could make.

It's about a priest who loans his the emergency fund of his parish to his brother for cancer treatments. When he decides to pay that brother a surprise visit, he discovers his lowlife sibling cancer-free, using the money to make a porno film. Should the priest stop production of the film and do God's will, or should he allow it to continue so he can get the money back into the church's account before anyone discovers it's missing?

It's a profound moral dilemma that Kieslowski somehow missed in his Decalogue.

The dilemma is easy enough to resolve however, when the priest falls in love with the top female porn star, then realizes he can raise more money for the homeless by quitting the priesthood and making profitable porn films for Jesus.

By the way, John Schneider plays the part of God - and he's still driving the General Lee!

The film features the gigantic breasts of Sara Rue, the former fatty who managed somehow to slim down without losing very much of her chest. Lucky girl!

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