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Season 1: 1920x1080

Episode 4

Kaela Hilton film clips


"Femme Fatales"


Sandra McCoy



It's a spooky, horror-themed contribution, and what could be spookier to kick it off than Spooksy DeLune, aka Sophie McMullin, a Halloween-themed stripper who also plays a stripper in the horror American Mary.

Wrong Turn 5


With the high cost of the Canadian dollar this installment was shot on the dismal side of the Iron Curtain using a UK cast with even more bad fake American accents than their Canadian counterparts.
Amy Lennox: topless sex scene.

Emilia Klayn: has a nude dummy for a body double.

Roxanne McKee: showing nothing in sex scene then she has her shower interrupted.

Borisa Tutundjieva: topless sex scene.

BONUS: more Borisa Tutundjieva. The Bulgarian model is sexy.

Seance: The Summoning


Horror with such a goody two-shoes good-versus-evil theme Ned Flanders could have directed it.

Nazneen Contractor: sexy but doesn't even take off her slip.

Devon Ogden: brassiere getting raped.

Cortney Palm: provides the only nudity as topless corpse in morgue.

BONUSES: More of the Los Angeles model Cortney Palm:

nude in trailer for upcoming movie Sushi Girl.

model: topless.

event: wearing clingy blouse.


(2011 video)

The latest slasher from plotdigger films with the usual gore but almost no nudity.

Christine Wallace: sexy.

Karyn Halpin: sexy.

Michelle Sabiene: sexy.

Ady Mejia: sexy.

Thabi Maphoso: sexy.

Sanya Silver: sexy.

The German DVD is highly censored for gore and has removed the only nude scene plus the funniest scene which alludes to the semen/hair-gel gag from "There's Something About Mary." The uncut version is only available on DVD in Austria where Germans get their sheisterpron.

uncensored: two scenes of Christine Wallace getting some sperm ejaculated into her hair along with a topless body double for Karyn Halpin getting her breasts mutilated.

BONUS:  Famine co-star Michelle Sabiene nude in the trailer for the upcoming movie Truth.

Tales From The Crapper

(2004 video)

Aptly named TROMA film from Lloyd Kaufman.

Isabelle Stephen: nude in weird threesome and even weirder rape scene.


Seduction of Evil


Movie about lesbian vampire strippers.

Isabelle Stephen: nude.

Kerri Taylor: lesbian sex with Isabelle Stephen.

Chantal Petrin & Kitty Daly: sexy

She-Demons of the Black Sun


Movie not about lesbian vampire strippers. They're lesbian satanist strippers.

Isabelle Stephen: her only full frontal scene.

Kitty Daly: topless.

BONUS: more of Kitty Daly. She's working full frontal as a model.

A Little Bit Zombie


Another zombie movie starring Stephen McHattie.

Crystal Lowe: very nice cleavage, very sexy bikini.

Kristen Hager: very nice cleavage, very sexy dress.

Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal


Yet another zombie movie starring Stephen McHattie.

Alexis Maitland: sexy in brassiere.

Meat Market

(2000 video)

Video about lesbian vampires fighting off flesh eating zombies. Unlike like this year's crop of Halloween DVDs this video has very graphic nudity and sex.

Teresa Simon: full frontal in graphic sex scene featuring full dork nudity.

Teresa Simon & Alison Therriault: nude lesbian sex scene.

Yess Bryce: topless in shower.

Erin Encampment: fully clothed sex.

Meat Market 2

(2001 video)

This sequel has almost no nudity and only one lesbian vampire.

Erin Encampment aka Erin McNayr: fully clothed sex.

Claire Westby aka Bettina May: red top having fully clothed lesbian orgy with Alison Therriault (white top), Teresa Simon (twelve jersey),  Chelsey Arentsen (black top), and Terra Thomsen (green top).

shower: topless collage.


(aka Big Fucking Monster; 2013?)
Another slasher from plotdigger films which was supposed to be released this Halloween. That release date is now a year old with no recent developments.

Kayla Anne Thomas: semi-nude in trailer.

BONUS: Kayla Anne Thomas: pokies in wet nightgown as model.

More models...

Rachel Sellan: nice bikini. She's showing her boobies in this weekend's Silent Hill sequel.

Jacky Lai: arms-over-boobs. She's in this weekend's Silent Hill sequel.

Natasha Quirke: arms-over-boobs. She's in the upcoming Truth and Evil Deeds 3.

Film Clips

Alexia Rasmussen in The Comedy (2012) in 720p

Abigail Abraham and Silke Becu in Crimi Clowns (2012). I don't know which is which.

Tatjana Alexander in an episode of "Tatort" called "Unsterblich schon" (2010) in 720p

Bai Ling in Locked Down (2010) in 1080p. I'm not a big fan of Bai Ling, but one must give the devil her due: she has a pretty spectacular body for a woman in her mid 40s. And there are those nipples ...

Pics and Collages

Victoria DeMare in Dust Up (2012)

Olivia Munn in Magic Mike (2012)

Mila Kunis in Friends With Benefits (2011)

Emma Williams in First Night (2010)

Caprice Benedetti in "Brotherhood" (s3; 2008)

Helen Mirren in Age of Consent (1969)