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The Soft Kill


Back to the nineties for a mystery thriller.

Kim Morgan Greene with some nice nudity, even showing a flash of bush. Caps and a clip.

Carrie-Anne Moss stars, but gives us just a peek at her left tit. A cap and a clip.

The we have Judith Ziehn in her only screen credit at IMDB and she and Michael Harris are actually doing it in a scene that has nothing to do with the plot of the movie. You can play the spot the "Tool Game." A cap and a clip.









Big Bad Mama


A B-movie classic. If you make a list of the top ten most entertaining B pictures, this has to contend for your roster! Famous women sans clothing, unlimited silliness, Captain Kirk naked. All the major food groups. Part three of three. Film clips from: Robbie Lee, Shannon Christie, and Susan Sennett (with Lee).

Robbie Lee

Shannon Christie







This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

Today: the latest and greatest from Defoe.

Anemone in Le Couple Temoin

The Women of Mathilde et Juliette: Julie de Bona, others

Elodie Frenck in Trop de Chance

Caroline Dubreil and Daphne Favreliere in Un Lit Froisse

Anny Romand in Le Voyage

Anna Ostby in Lady Jane













Hotel Erotica

episode: Layover

Film clip: Angela Davies and Stephanie Swift

Angela Davies

Davies with Swift









Lizzy Caplan has come up to the front burner since True Blood hit the awareness meter. Here she is some time ago (2006) showing a fleeting nipple in Love is the Drug

Speaking of fleeting nipples, here's Meredith Monroe in last week's Californication.



Film Clips

Isabel Edvardsson in Ich bin kein Star (sample right)

Mena Suvari in Sex and Lies in Sin City (sample right)

Cassandra Hepburn in Hell Ride

Jodi Thelen in Four Friends

Julie Austin (et al) in Night of the Wilding

Penelope Cruz in Don't Move