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The Sopranos, Season 6, Part 2



The Sopranos Season 6 Part II ended with a question mark. It could be argued that they left the possibility of another season wide open with this choice, but they killed off many major characters and rendered others into vegetables in the last few episodes, so that doesn't seem likely. Uncle Jun has slipped into Alzheimer's. Christopher dies in the aftermath of an accident with a little help from Tony. A major war erupts between the Sopranos and one of the New York families, resulting in deaths in Tony's organization. His shrink, convinced by her colleagues that she is enabling his sociopathic behavior, drops Tony as a client, but Anthony Jr, depressed over a break-up with his girlfriend, attempts suicide, and ends up in therapy. Meadow has a new boyfriend, and switches her major from pre-med to pre-law. Tony is facing a likelihood of a federal indictment on RICO charges.

Spoiler Alert -- If you haven't seen this season and intend to, skip this paragraph

Tony ties up some loose ends, then meets his wife in a restaurant. Someone in the restaurant keeps eyeing him. Anthony Jr. arrives, the three are happily eating onion rings, Meadow drives up and has trouble parking, the man who has been eyeing Tony goes to the rest room, Meadow enters, then fade to black. I was immediately infuriated by this non-ending. I must admit that, since watching it, I have caught myself finishing the story in my mind, or at least trying to. Did the man whack Tony? Was Tony indicted, and did he go to jail or not. Did the man kill one of Tony's family by mistake? Perhaps this was a proper ending after all for a series that shows Tony navigating through one mine field after another while trying to maintain a "normal" family. The tone throughout this final season seemed to be that they would eventually kill or jail Tony. It was a question of when, not if.

End Spoiler


IMDb has the series at 9.4. It won 5 Golden Globes, 21 Emmys, and a host of other awards and nominations. For me, at least, the series appeal was just as great at the end as it was in the beginning. That is probably a great time to end a series, on top, but I am a little sad that I won't be watching a season 7 next year. The genre is cable drama series, and this is an A.

Sarah Shahi, as a Las Vegas friend of Christopher, wears clothes when she has sex with Tony, but shows great pokies after the sex and before the two eat "shrooms." An unknown female cop shows either bush or very abbreviated panties, and there is lots of topless action from the strippers at the Bada Bing.



Sarah Shahi





unknown (nudity?)








The Pit

Today the time machine is off to 1981 for another flick from the horror realm". If you never saw it, don't worry about it you aren't missing much. It's weird and creepy and nothing to rave about in the nudity department either

But here's what there is:


Jeannie Elias has a long resume, but this is her only nude scene, and that boils down to basically a nipple slip. She mainly did Television and voices for cartoon characters.

Jennifer Lehman in her only screen credit with some breast exposure.

Likewise, another one-time wonder, Laura Hollingsworth, with some "blink and you miss it" boob exposure.








Notes and collages

"The Langoliers"

Kimber Riddle








A film clip of Mariya Poroshina in Day Watch (sample right)


A film clip of Nicole Wilder in The Tripper (sample right)


A clip of Ursula Buchfellner and others in Der Kurpfuscher und seine fixen Töchter (1980)

Film footage of Aitana Sanchez-Gijon in La Puta y la Ballena

Film footage of Isabelle Carre in Anna M (2007 French film)

Jordana Brewster in Nearing Grace

Deborah Caprioglio in The Smile of the Fox




This French fantasy is performed mostly in sign!



Dragon Scan

Jacy Andrews in Tomb of the Werewolf
Karine Gambier in Voodoo Passion
Merci Montello in Space Thing






La Garduña de Sevilla

Rufina (Amparo Muñoz) is married to an old man and has a young lover. One night her husband dies and she finds out her lover has cheated her out of her money. She and a friend plot revenge.


Amparo Muñoz









Mr. Brooks

Although a movie about a serial killer is not new, this 2007 crime drama is outstanding and different, due in no small part to an excellent performance by Kevin Costner in a role that is very different for him. With a great supporting cast, he pulls off a winner with this movie, and it stays interesting from start to finish.

Mr. Brooks (Costner) is an upstanding and successful businessman who has a nasty little secret. His alter ego is a serial killer who considers his problem an "addiction" which he tries to fight, but occasionally succumbs to.

Demi Moore plays a detective specializing in serial killers. She's been hunting Brooks for more than two years, but never gets close.

This movie has so many neat twists that every few minutes provide a new surprise. Very worthwhile - a must see.


Reiko Aylesworth Megan Brown