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Kate McKinnon wore a leotard for a lengthy scene on SNL, and she had to keep adjusting it

Claire Danes did a dark, modest topless scene on Homeland, s4e5

There was some nudity from Marion Mitterhammer and Luisa Wietzorek in episode 941 of Tatort



The was no real nudity in the finale of Boardwalk Empire, but there was a dancer wearing pasties with tassels.

The latest episodes of Q.I. and Groland are covered in Defoe's section below

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season 1


Today: episode thirteen - part two of two
This concludes season one

Ragan Brooks and Robin Sydney


Another unidentified actress from Groland (October 25th episode) in 1080hd

Alysson Paradis in Q.I. (s3e4) in 1080hd

Melanie Merkosky and Melanie Thierry in Le Regne de la Beaute (2014) in 1080hd