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Today: s3e11

Emma Greenwell

Melrose Place

The TV caps are from the original Melrose Place. MP was a soap centred on the shenanigans of the residents of 4616 Melrose Place. It ran for 7 seasons from 1992 to 1999. As you'd expect, there was no nudity but many lovely looking women.

These caps are from the fourth and fifth seasons and were screened in 1996 and 1997.

Season Four

Episode 26 Triumph of the Bill

Heather Locklear

Episode 27 What Comes Up, Must Come Down

Denise Richards

Heather Locklear

Loni Anderson

Episode 29 Melrose Unglued

Denise Richards

Heather Locklear

Loni Anderson

Season Five

Episode 2 Over Dick's Dead Body

Courtney Thorne-Smith

Lisa Rinna

Episode 3 Moving Violations

Courtney Thorne-Smith

Episode 5 Un-Janed Melody

Heather Locklear

Marcia Cross

Episode 6 Jane's Addiction

Kelly Rutherford

Lisa Rinna

Episode 7 Young Doctors in Heat

Kelly Rutherford

Episode 8 Mission/ Interpersonal

Kelly Rutherford

Lisa Rinna

Episode 9 Farewell, Mike's Concubine

Kelly Rutherford

Episode 12 Quest for Mother

Kelly Rutherford

Episode 18 Great Sexpectations

Dey Young

Heather Locklear

Lisa Rinna

Episode 20 Men Are from Melrose

Brooke Langton

Cottage Country


Comedy horror still awaiting a DVD release. For some reason a body double was hired for Malin Akerman but was never used.

Malin Akerman: brassiere.

Lucy Punch: sexy as zombie.

Warm Bodies


PG-rated zombie romance.

Teresa Palmer: bra and panties changing.

The Corrupted


Low budget Canadian horror.

Ashley Tallas: very nice bikini: bra and panties in fully-clothed sex scene, wet bra and panties.

Sylvia Soo: bikini, fully clothed sex scene, bikini.

Samantha Barone (red bikini) & Christine Gauthier (white bikini): very nice bikini in light lesbian horseplay.

Kymberley Masters: bikini top only.

Keltie Squires: sexy only, in bed with Ashley Tallas.


Ashley Tallas: lingerie, topless modeling shots.


Ashley Tallas: wet underwear in onset photo.

Kymberley Masters: bikini top in onset photo.

Keltie Squires: very sexy in Halloween-themed modeling photo.

Easter Bunny Bloodbath


Very low budget horror distributed only on the outdated videocassette instead of the widely accepted DVD.

Meghan Kinsley: cleavage, skivvies, non-hefmag bunny costume.

Jessica Hill: very nice cleavage, fully clothed sex.

Adrian Daniels: sort of topless in shower.

 Laura Hope: lesbian kiss with Adrian Daniels in shower.

BONUS: behind the scenes: showing Adrian Daniels and Laura Hope in bathroom indicating Adrian Daniels was never nekkid in the shower.


(2013; trailer only)

New horror making the rounds on the festival circuit.

Katharine Isabelle: sexy, sort of shower nude.


 (2014; promo)

To be released in theatres in the New Year.

Janine Parkinson: Canadian stuntbabe wearing very skimpy costume.

Motives and Murders

 episode Dying to Fit In (s1e07)
Catherine Martel: bra and panties as hog-tied rape victim who manages to escape.

TV/Film Clips

Jennifer Jason Leigh in Georgia (1995) in 720p


Gisele Bundchen - kinda thin, but still hot