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"True Blood"

s2e6 was again very light on the nudity


Film clip of Ashley Jones again (samples below)


Women in Film

In DVD quality

Film clips of Beverly D'Angelo (samples below)

Film clips of Portia De Rossi (samples below)



Fiona Horsey in Chambermaid

Jackie Quinones in Hard Luck and Freedomland

(The scenes of her in the brimmed hat are from Hard Luck. When she's wearing the knit cap - Freedomland.)



Australian classics:



Starstruck is a rare Australian musical made in 1982 by director Gillian Armstrong about a young girl, Jackie (Jo Kennedy) who wants to be a famous singer. With the help (or possibly hindrance) of her cousin Angus, who acts as her manager, she tries to get on the local music show WOW! (a massive Countdown rip-off if ever there was one, even down to the gay host). This is against the wishes of her family who want her to work at their diner. Angus goes about trying to get Jackie noticed, including through some public stunts, and when she finally gets on WOW!, it goes badly as the producers dial down her persona. She believes she may have blown it but Angus has one last trick up his sleeve as he goes about getting her on the WOW! spectacular at the Sydney Opera House.

You know, as a confessed hater of musicals, particularly modern ones, I was pretty shocked that I actually loved this movie. Sure, it's dated a fair bit, but the two leads work so well together that the film becomes infectious and incredibly hard to dislike. Shame Joey Kennedy never kicked onto to something bigger, she's a pretty underrated actress. I saw her in the first ever episode of Stingers (aw yeah, that's the next old show coming up on the TV side...) and decided to check out Starstruck on the back of it. Reminds me a lot of a more working class Nicole Kidman. Ah well...

Jo Kennedy film clips (collages below)




Russian Pop Stars Serebro (Silver): Anastasia Karpova (the blond), Elena Temnikova (lead singer, black hair, usually in center) and Olga Seryabkina (brown hair). Karpova replaced the original blond who had been with the group when they competed in the Eurovision contest.

Gisele Bundchen showing her behind

Sheri Jackson in The Babysitter

Jennifer Leob in Ossessione Fatal

Imelde Marani in The Valachi Papers

Sabine Sun in The Valachi Papers

Tamzin Outhwaite in Betrayed by Passion

Sandra Teles in Betrayed by Passion




Cibby Danyla in They Live (HD)

Marthe Keller in Marathon Man (720p)

Naomi Watts in The Outsider

Diane Keaton in Looking for Mr. Goodbar

More clips from Maison Close: