A lot of incredible stuff happened yesterday. Lizzy Caplan got nekkid again in True Blood (HD film clip here, caps below).

Anna Paquin didn't show much flesh, but she did one hell of a crazy sex scene with her pet vampire. (HD film clip here)

Meanwhile, the mysterious Defoe sent in a whole bunch of brand-new material, so much that I had to leave most of it until tomorrow, but if you want the part with Laetitia Casta and Kate Moran nekkid, head down to the French Cinema section below.

And then there's Garden of Eden. Jiminy! Mena Suvari is even topless in the frickin' trailer (low-res film clip). Lookin' forward to this one (well, the flesh anyway), which screened at two festivals in Italy, most recently yesterday. According to various reports, Mena is also going to show some skin in The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, which screened at Sundance and should come out sometime soon.


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  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Evil Town


Scoop's note: Here's the Lynda Weismeier clip I screwed up yesterday. Low quality, but nonetheless interesting.





 A pair of massive-chested legends from the sexploitation era.

Candy Samples AKA Mary Gavin shows off her really big ones. Caps and a clip.


Not to be outdone the legendary Uschi Digard displays her luscious melons, she gets a little whipping in a scene being made for a movie. Caps and a clip.










Big Bad Mama


A B-movie classic. If you make a list of the top ten most entertaining B pictures, this has to contend for your roster! Famous women sans clothing, unlimited silliness, Captain Kirk naked. All the major food groups.

Today's clips: Susan Sennett, Sally Kirkland pre-implants, and Joan Prather. (Stills below) More tomorrow.

Susan Sennett

Sally Kirkland

Joan Prather







This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

Born in 68

Laetitia Casta and Kate Moran (with Casta and others). 'Nuff said.







Notes and collages

A Walk on the Moon


Diane Lane






enter the DragonScan

A film clip of Andrea Davis and Misty Mundae in Sin Sisters






Leslie Bibb in The Midnight Meat Train

Alexis Porter in Rats and Cats

Jess Beazley in Rats and Cats







Film Clips

Ina Rudolph in In Aller Freundschaft: In Leipzig