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The Sopranos, Season 6, Part 2


The Sporanos Season 6 Part 2 (2007) is, as most of you know, the end of the series. I am now four episodes in, and it is still engrossing, entertaining, and a quick watch. It is also well acted. Tony has almost recovered from being shot. His uncle is in a criminal care facility, and trying to run it. There is a power struggle in the New York mob, and the feds are tightening in on Tony, who is beginning to mistrust his friends, and is not getting along well with his wife. Further, he is losing big at gambling, and his shrink is threatening to end their sessions.

Episode 2 and 4 have strippers. Episode three has Jen Araki, as one of Tony's casual bed partners, topless.

I owe you seasons 5 and 6 part one, and will get to them, but tomorrow I'll get to the rest of "Season 2, Part 2."


Jen Araki











"The Monogamists"

This is an episode from the first season of Sex and the City.


Kim Cattrall in one of her many topless scenes.



Sarah Jessica Parker, leggy, an almost see through and some pokies.







Notes and collages


Shannen Doherty, Season 3, Episodes 20 and 21

Episode 20

Episode 21


No collages made for Season 3 Episode 22. I'm going to step away from "Charmed" for awhile to collage some other things.






Here are four clips of Nathalie Baye in A Pornographic Affair and three more of Baye in Beware of My Love.

Dyanne Thorne in yet another Ilsa movie, the immortal screen classic Ilsa, Tigress of Siberia. OK, maybe the movie sucks, but she has a magnificent body.

Here's something odd. The behind-the-scenes look at Kim Kardashian's Playboy spread - in which her mother also poses for Hef and company.

Charlotte Sullivan in Population 436

Carole Laure in Elles ne pensent qu' a. ("Women Only Have One Thing on Their Minds")

For a change, the eternally weird Bai Ling shows more than just one nipple.

Margrit Newton in Hell of the Living Dead






Fritt vilt

This is your typical Slasher movie, but this time the film was made in Norway.

Four friends on a Sky vacation. When one of them breaks his leg they look for help but find only an abandoned cabin. They decided to stay there for the night but someone is not happy about it and starts slashing them.


Viktoria Winge


Ingrid Berdal