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Meg Ryan topless in bootleg pics from her new movie "In the Cut"!
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"Sex, Lies, & Politics"

Sex, Lies, & Politics (1998) night two. Before we get to the rest of the plot and the rest of the women, I should probably say a little something about Milo Manara, who was the inspiration for this click series. This Italian erotic cartoonist has transcended the adult comic idiom by virtue of his whimsical stories and great art work. His women are realistic, perfect, ripe and lush. I have run into his work all over the world, including a small town in Turkey. While searching for information on the Web, however, I found very few links to English language sites. This one will give you an idea of his wonderful work.

Tonight, Ron Slick, the lobbyist, has been attacked on the air by reporter Jacqueline Lovel. He "clicks" her on an airplane, and she is arrested upon landing for her wanton strip and masturbation in first class. He then visits her in jail, and when she refuses to recant her story, he clicks her again, making her the willing partner to her lesbian cell-mate, Kiva. Slick is visited by a female cop (Jennifer Burton), because Lovel has told her about the device. When Burton accidently clicks herself, she rapes Slick.

Next, Slick tries Lovel again, this time on a train. She is now in perpetual heat, however, and jumps him before he can even use the clicker. Finally, two government agents after the clicker get zapped.

Jane Stowe, as the female agent, shows breasts.

Kiva shows breasts and buns.

Lovel shows everything.

Jennifer Burton also shows everything.

Absent the delicious parody of Rod Steele, this is no more than pleasant eye candy, but sometimes that is enough for a soft core film. C.

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    Graphic Response
    • Nicole Eggert, the former "Charles in Charge" and "Baywatch" co-star topless and gettin' it on in scenes from "Blown Away" (1992).

    • Valeria Golino, topless in scenes from the Italian movie "Respiro" (2002).

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    Crimson Ghost
    Some assorted Skinemax babes doing what they do best.

    Callie Thomas
    (1, 2)

    Gettin' it on in scenes from "Burning Desires" (2002). Mostly breast views with some partial bum exposure.

    LoriDawn Messuri
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    The Skinemax regular topless in scenes from "The Big Hustle" (1999).

    Taimie Hannum
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    All 3 B's and plenty of pseudo-sex in more scenes from "The Big Hustle"

    Susan Featherly
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Breasts, bum and bush in scenes from her first Skinemax flick, "Andromina: The Pleasure Planet" (1999).

    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    "The Return of the Living Dead"

    1985 follow-up to Night of the Living Dead is a fun zombie movie with some nice nudity by Linnea Quigley.

    A pair of morons working at a medical supply warehouse accidentially release a deadly chemical into the air. This chemical has the nasty side-effect of bringing corpses to life, and the fun begins. :-)

    'Caps and comments by Oz:

    "Starry Night"
    Another unknown in Starry Night, who is an artist's model.

    Spaceballs is a PG-rated spoof of Star Wars so there's no nudity. There's cleavage by and unknown waitress and Daphne Zuniga looks sexy in her outfit.

    "Staying Together"
    You get to see a lot more of Daphne Zuniga in Staying Together with a naked rear view. Dinah Manoff and Stockard Channing are also worth a look.

    "California Suite"
    In California Suite we have pokies and the briefest of nip slip by Denise Galik. There may be a briefer nip slip by Maggie Smith, and Jane Fonda looks good in a bikini,

    • Denise Galik (1, 2)
    • Maggie Smith (1, 2)
    • Jane Fonda (1, 2)

    "The Player"
    The nudity in The Player comes from Cynthia Stevenson and some unknown naked swimmer. Cher shows cleavage, such as it is, and there's pokies by Greta Scacchi.

    "Speedway Junky"
    No nudity in Speedway Junky but Daryl Hannah and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen are worth looking at.

    "Parker Kane"
    Amanda Pays is topless in Parker Kane but nothing is visible. The nudity comes from and unidentified woman.

    There's a topless Kimberley Kates, and maybe a bit of bush, in Highway. There's pokies by Selma Blair and some nice caps of Arden Myrin and some unknown pros.

    "Mistress of the Dark"
    I gather Halloween is coming up in America so it is appropriate that we finish up with Elvira in Mistress of the Dark. No nudity visible but lots and lots of cleavage. There's also a brief upskirt by Susan Kellermann.