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"Cobra Verde" (1988)

As Scoopy said, this was not a good week for releases with celebrity nudity. I did manage to find something in the new releases that will at least improve the breast count. Cobra Verde (1988) Stars Klaus Kinski as the South American bandit Cobra Verde, who goes to work for a sugar plantation owner. He rapidly impregnates all three of the man's daughters. A plot is hatched to send Kinski to Africa to act as a liaison in the slave trade. As there has been no slave trade for several years due to an unfriendly king in Ghana, they expect him to be quickly killed.

Kinski would never be that cooperative. He manages to re-establish the slave trade, and even trains 800 to 1,000 topless women as an army to overthrow the current king. Written and directed by Werner Herzog, it is based on a novel by Bruce Chatwin, and primarily shows the slave trade. While the film makes no value judgements, it is a pretty good expose and indictment of the slave trade. The emphasis here is on images, and the film is full of incredible ones. We know almost immediately from this that we are not watching a typical MPAA sanitized mainstream Hollywood piece. Shooting took place all over South America and Ghana, and includes some incredible scenery. Kinski was a wild man, which fit the role, and according to the excellent commentary by Herzog, even went to far as to attack him with a boulder. You haven't lived 'til you have seen a crazed Kinski in the middle of 1,000 topless women wielding spears. This film has the look of an epic high budget film, but was made for $2M. As Herzog says, every penny is on the screen. Most of the performers are locals and extras. The DVD has several audio choices, subtitles, and a full length commentary. The transfer is very nice. I recommend it to those who enjoy a European style film, and to anyone who wonders what Kinski was all about.

As a special seasonal gift, I have included a "kidcrow." Simply print it, and tape it to your front door on Halloween. You should find your candy bowl still full at the end of the night.

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    Previews for "Bedazzled" (2000)

    Elizabeth Hurley stars as the devil, who is after the soul of Brendan Fraser. Theatrical release was the 20th of this month. Based on a few votes at IMDB, it is doing well for a comedy. People who haven't seen the original like this remake better than those who have. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the critics are split 50/50. From the trailer, it looks like lots of cleavage and no exposure.

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    Today's reviews of new releases are found here:

    The Patriot

    The Big Blue, Director's Cut


    I think I did my funniest review on U-571, which was kind of a watchable movie based on tension and production values, but with a hilariously bad script. I wrote in great detail about all three films. If you skip the reviews and just get to the pictures, here's Rosanna Arquette in "The Big Blue", and TomCat's captures of a rare scene with Sally Kirkland in "Ann".

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  • Brainscan
    Comments By Brainscan:
    A noble gentleman brought into the shop the other day a whole mess of Greek magazines. Have started to scan them and here is the first batch.

    Katia Zygouli
    (1, 2, 3)
    Katia Zygouli is a former bunnymag person who has begun a successful career in fashion modeling, or so I conclude from her appearance in the Greek version of Max. The two color scans are clean-ups of covers, with all the offending print magically made to go away.
    Rania Mesiski
    (1, 2)
    Rania Mesiski is a Greek Pet, perhaps domesticated. These were a joy to scan and edit.
    Ely Ortega
    (1, 2)
    Ely Ortega ain't Greek; she is the latest Brazilian model/celebrity I have to offer. One of the two offerings shows Ely's first rate natural bod from the front (am I ever glad that the only silicon-like substance in all of Brazil is on the beaches and in the computers, where it damn well belongs); the other is the obligatory picture of the typical killer Brazilian ass. I figure, from my preferences in women's figures, that I am a Brazilian trapped in an American body.
    Courtney Herron
    (1, 2)
    And anchoring today's relay we have the fashion model Courtney Herron, reclining in both scans.
    and ...
    Sonya Kraus
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
    From the November issue of the German FHM, by Blackshine. Excellent quality bikini suff.
    Gail McKenna
    (1, 2, 3, 4)
    4 of the busty Page 3 at her best....topless of course!
    Vanessa Upton
    (1, 2)
    Two fantastic topless images of the foxy, former Page 3 Babe.
    Charlie's Angels High kicks and the splits with the new Angels, by NMD.
    Olga Sidorova A very hot, blonde Russian babe showing some excellent breast exposure from a movie with a title that I can't pronounce.
    Baby Spice Paparazzi Pics of Emma on her US promo tour. I guess the big question is..."Is she promoting the new Spice Girls albumm, or her boobs?".
    Adelaide de Sousa Mr. B captures some breast exposure from the Portuguese movie "Aniversário".
    Alberta Watson New from Scanman...The "La Femme Nikita" co-star bares most in these scenes from 1997's "The Sweet Hereafter".
    Daryl Hannah Great stuff by Watty...Here are some 'new to me' vidcaps of Daryl wearing dominatrix attire in scenes from the movie "The Last Days of Frankie the Fly". Lots of cleavage, legs, and a few nice thong views as well. But fair warning...this puppy is about 370k!
    Debra Stephenson One more by Watty. This time it's topless hot tub scenes from the UK mini series "Playing the Field".
    Emily Booth Not sure of the source, but here is the Brit topless in a tub.
    Lisa Marie Schneider Very nice topless scan.
    Lori Sutton An 80's bim with some impressive credits for an unknown. Including:
    "Polish Vampire in Burbank" (1985), "Up the Creek" (1984), "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (1982), "Looker" (1981), and "History of the World: Part I" (1981).

    My guess that she must have been the girlfriend of a big player in early 80's Hollywood. These topless and bottomless 'caps from her last film 1985's "Malibu Express".

    Melissa George Nothing new, but like I said the other day, I'm just a sucker for nice breasts. Vidcaps of Melissa topless in scenes from "Dark City".
    Olivia d'Abo Excellent posterior views of Olivia from the mid-80's. A great rare find by Frupp.

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