TV Round-Up

Borgia moves along to episode 5. This time Jack Snow did the clips and collages.

Monica Lopera

Assumpta Serna


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


Some collages and a few clips.  

Star of the show is Lake Bell in her spectacular performance in Season 2 Episode 3, How to Make it In America.  Run around topless if you are built like Lake Bell would be the answer to that question.  Have to consider this #1 nekkid performance of the year, mainly 'cuz I have waited forever to see this gal's superstructure.  Yummy stuff. 

Alexandra Mogos and some Unknowns in Sharm El Sheik: Un Estate Indimenticabile (2010)

Carroll Baker in Paranoia

Alizee in public

Teresa Palmer shows the perfect caboose in Restraint

Wendy Lyon in Hello, Mary Lou: Prom Night Two

Yvonne Harlow in The Sister of Ursula

Rihanna in a photoshoot for GQ


A Dangerous Summer


A Dangerous Summer (Flashfire, Burning Man whatever else it was called) is a 1982 thriller that begins with a bushfire that is threatening a development run by Howard Anderson (American actor Tom Skerritt). But, there is more devious action afoot. Some dicey company is using the bushfire to scam insurance money which is discovered by Sophie McCann (Wendy Hughes, wasted and humiliated...) who is then killed off to silence her. At the same time, insurance investigator George Engels (the great James Mason. slumming it majorly) comes to town to investigate some anomalies. Howard has a school girl daughter Maggie (Kim Deacon) who has a boyfriend who seems to be perfect, but maybe he isn't and all these things come to a head, how, I dunno, and neither do the makers of the film. With a screenplay written as it was been filmed (and boy does it show), this terrible thriller is utterly forgettable, completely predictable while making little sense and at times just plain laughable. James Mason has some embarrassing moments, one in the climatic scene has to be seen to be believed. Tom Skerritt tries valiantly, but he's no match for this piece of shit that should've gone down in flame, with the gratuitous nudity kept intact, of course...

I have the first DVD release of this film in fullscreen which may be the worst DVD I've ever seen. Thank fuck for those Gods at Umbrella re-releasing, but really, this film is pure shit. I've said that already, right?

One of the worst Australian films ever.

Kim Deacon film clip (collage below)

Wendy Hughes film clip (collages below)



We have two different versions of Bianca Kajlich in 30 Minutes or Less (2011):

The quality in this one is excellent, about equal to a good DVD, but the dialogue is entirely in Russian.

The quality in this one is not so good, but at least you can hear the English dialogue.