I need to keep the page short and sweet today, because I'm trying to do some repair/restore work on my main computer, and I'm running Windows in safe mode. (640x480 res. Remember that? It sure makes it hard to work.) I also lost the text that goes with the contributions from Hank and Spaz, and maybe a film clip from Hank if he sent one, but I'm sure they'll let me know if I screwed anything up.



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Wild Women at Work


It's baa-ack. Today's lunchpail gal: Monica Mendes








Evil Town


Lynda Weismeier




Amy Robach over on the TV side. On the "Today" show last week.









Big Bad Mama


A B-movie classic. If you make a list of the top ten most entertaining B pictures, this has to contend for your roster! Famous women sans clothing, unlimited silliness, Captain Kirk naked. All the major food groups. The legendary Rat Packette Angie Dickinson is in the film clips here today (still collages below). Other women to come.







This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

Today's group is brought to you by the letter H, which probably isn't even pronounced:

Hande Kodja in La Mort qui Tue

Helen de St-Pere in La male dans le Peau

Heloise Godet in Jean de la Fontaine

Hortense Belhote in Les Ballets Ecarlates







Notes and collages

"Puppet Master 2"


Charlie Spradling

ROK's notes: "Sure Jason and Freddie and Michael Myers were fun serial killers in film after film and Chucky did his bit as a killer doll but what is more entertaining than a half dozen psychotic puppets doing their supernatural blood-lust thing? I consider this series of films highly underrated in the slasher world."






Legacy of Fear


A detective (Teri Polo) pursues the same serial killer who murdered her mother 30 years ago before her eyes. Filmed in and around Monrtreal. Despite Polo's presence and the fact that it was made two years ago, virtually nobody has seen it. It has received only 52 votes and 6 comments at IMDb, and the "external reviews" link is totally empty. Non-nude scenes except as noted.

Alexandra Tremblay
Amber Mullins
Marie Aude Doyon - breasts
Teri Polo
Vanessa Blouin - breasts



Canada's version of hard-gore, in answer to Hostel and the Italian Cannibal movies. Most people found it sub-par (OK, maybe "abysmal" would be more accurate), but Dread Central, which is written by a Canadian fella, had a different and surprisingly positive take on it. Whatever its other failings may be, Scarce offers plenty of breastitude!

Beth Armstrong -topless, Hankster-style
Leigh Nash - bra and panties in the snow (ouch)
Rachel Chartrand -more Hankster-approved topless activities
Olivia Bessel and Samantha Thomas - breasts and girl/girl activity
Stephanie Banting - breasts

Young People Fucking


Carly Pope - breasts
Diora Baird
Kristin Booth
Natalie Lisinska -breasts
Sonja Bennett - breasts and brief buns

This Beautiful City


"When a woman plummets from her condo balcony in Toronto's West Queen West neighbourhood, five turbulent lives collide, releasing spurts and geysers of long suppressed sexuality and aggression."

Caroline Cave - all kinds of nudity, including close-ups
Kristin Booth - nice breast action from some itty-bitties






Film Clips

Crash has now joined True Blood on our list of shows to monitor this year. More nudity from Clare Carey in episode 3

Vidman captures Anna Ammirati's masturbation scene in Frivolous Lola

Ina Weisse in Liebestod