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"Motel Blue"

Motel Blue (1997) is a Sean Young film (this is Sean Young night). Soleil Moon Frye is a new DOD investigator who is assigned to do a complete background check on on Sean Young, a hi tech engineer who is upgrading from Secret To Top Secret clearance. She is the only women in the division, and is told that the investigation is no more than a formality, but it doesn't take her long to discover that Sean is into kinky extramarital sex, and has been using forged documents. She is, however, fascinated by Sean's sexuality, especially as her own is repressed. She makes direct contact with Sean, and dabbles in her hedonistic world. Her boss is singularly uninterested in what she is discovering. Eventually, Frye finds herself in legal trouble.

This film doesn't work well for me. First, there are way too many inaccuracies about how DISCO does clearance investigations, and the way clearances are awarded. I might have overlooked that, but part of the premise of the film is that Sean Young is stunningly beautiful. I find her sexy as hell, but I have never heard anyone accuse her of being beautiful. Sean shows breasts and buns in several scenes.

IMDB readers have this at 5.4 of 10, but with only 28 votes. Apollo readers give it the same score. It was a direct to video release in the US, and it is a weak 4/3 transfer, which is a shame, because there are some interesting shots, especially through a window of Motel Blue. Factoring in my tendency to write off a thriller once it looses credibility, the proper score is probably C. Genre addicts and fans of Young will likely enjoy it.

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    Men (1997) is Sean's film immediately before Motel Blue. She is a wannabe chef, living with a rich alcoholic male friend in New York, who believes that the only way to discover what she wants in life is to experience it. This carries through to experiencing lots of men. Her friend/roommate finally hits rock bottom, and gives her a plane ticket to LA. She lands a job in a small restaurant, where she works with the owner/chef, and continues her sampling of men. She finally meets one she could stay with, but that ends tragically.

    While the story is not strong, and not very believable, there are scenes of real charm, such as the one where she seduces her boss on a grill. This is a very good film for nudity. We first see her nude in a bathtub faucet masturbation scene, where we see all three Bs, and she is topless in several sexual encounters, and another bath scene.

    IMDB readers have this at 4.8 of 10. Apollo scored it slightly higher, at 70. Most won't enjoy this, but I did, mostly because I am a fan of Sean Young, or, to be more precise, Sean Young's sexuality. It came as no surprise to me that women rate this slightly higher than men, as it deals with a strong women who is frankly sexual. The DVD is a bare bones 4/3 transfer, but is not that bad for a budget release. The proper score is probably a C-, mostly of interest to fans of Sean Young.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Harvard Man is a big disappointment in that there were rumors of Buffy nudity during filming, so we hoped for some deleted scenes or an extended cut or something. No luck. Buffy has sex twice, with plenty of moaning and groaning, but no skin.. The first time she is (apparently) naked, but the scene is cut so that you see her feet or her shoulders or her face. The second time she is fully dressed, sitting on someone's lap.

    There is some distant nudity of a Canadian actress named Polly Shannon, but the DVD was very difficult to work with. Polly probably doesn't mean jack to you if you are currently more than 5 meters from the nearest bottle of Molson's, but I suppose you Great White Northerners know who she is, because IMDb says she played Maggie Trudeau in a popular TV miniseries this Spring


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    'Caps and comments by Brainscan:

    Tintorera (1977) is Jaws with tits. Sharks, shark-hunter, skinny-dippin babe who gets it...and in addition to it all, the guys who play Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfus boff a lot of girls, some of em kinda famous. How could it go wrong? Let me count the ways. IMDB awards this five-day-old can of Bumblebee a rousing 3.2 and believe me, someone was being mighty generous. Mighty.

    Look at it this a-way: when Susan George, Priscilla Barnes, Fiona Lewis, B movie bim Jennifer Ashley, Hefmate Laura Lyons and one-timer Erika Carlsson all show the goodies you'd figger I'd really like this movie, despite its faults. Yet the makers of this.... uh-hem... """movie"""".... had the babes agree to strip and then hid them behind things and under things, in dim light and from the back or side, with a camera positioned in the Basque country while the action was on the Riveria... well talk about pissing me off. And then the company what sold it to me reproduced it on VHS running at SLP speed. Surprised you couldn't hear me scream all the way to Texas. Conclusion: the people who made this movie could fuck up a wet dream. Glen or Glenda was a masterpiece by comparison.

      For the exposure:

    • Fiona Lewis plays the Susan Backline part. First shark victim 'cuz she gets all nekkid and swims alone, at night. You see Fiona's hooters under the fading light of a crescent moon and then her bum underwater, 'cept you don't see her face, so it coulda been someone else.

    • Jennifer Ashley has the only clear exposure. Nice hooters in good lighting and just a hint o' bush.

    • Priscilla Barnes got topless in a mass skinny dip, punctuated by a shark attack. The camera appears to have been the same one used by Sam Zapruder. So, yep, she is topless but she occupies about 4% of the screen at any one time.

    • Erika Carlsson? See above re: mass skinny dip.

    I left out Susan George because her performance, as a whole, and her exposure, in particular, were so pathetic as to bring tears to my aged eyes. I love that woman, watch Straw Dogs maybe twice a year, would sell my first-born to the Gypsies if I had a first-born, but ye gods, what a bollixed up mess of a performance she had, topped by toplessness that could not have been less interesting or erotic if Roseanne Barr had played the part, if'n you catches my drift. That leaves only Laura Lyons, but I'm saving her for another day.

    Second thing for the day is a set of VHS caps from the movie, Hot Moves (1985), only because VHS is the only format in which it comes. The center of attention is Debi Richter, former Miss California (1975) who went right into acting and did a bunch of things, including a couple of short-lived sitcoms and frequent guest appearances on Hill Street Blues. Married and divorced Charles Haid (Andy Rinko of Hill Street fame). Thems the facts.

    Now for the commentary. Quoth one critic about Lynda Carter in her Wonder Woman days: there are only two reasons she's on television and they are holding up her costume. Oh please! If that were the case, if all it took to be a television hit was a pair of mighty-fines, then two women would have dominated the Nielsen ratings in the 80's: Debi Richter and Rebecca Perle. Both gave up their wonderous goodies in two movies, both tried to break into TV, but each was an afterthought of the airwaves. Debi's main exposure was in this horny teenager movie, once on a nude beach (collages 1 and 2) whilst being spied upon through binoculars that sport cross-hairs. Cross-hairs? On binoculars? Sold only in Texas and the D. C. area. Second time is while attempting to get into the pants of the biggest frickin' geek who ever appeared on the silver screen (collages 3 & 4). But he refuses. Why?

    Because his true love is a girl played by Jill Schoelen. Oh, crimony, Jill is a right fine specimen of the female persuasion but what guy, much less a terminal geekazoid, would turn down someone who looks like Debi Richter? I hate movies that do that sort of thing to make some pious statement about love winning out. Hate em. And so I've watched Hot Moves no more than a half-dozen times. Well, maybe eight or nine.

    • Debi Richter (1, 2, 3, 4)

    'Caps and comments by Spaz:

    "A Matter of Cunning" (1983) is a Canadian "after dark" unrated softporn made in Montreal. It has all the elements of a straight-to-video production. In fact it was directed by Alan Erlich during a dry spell between directing television series. Until a couple of weeks ago I never heard of it until someone mentioned it on CNDB. The video itself is not listed in the IMDB and is long out of print.

    Leading star is soap actress Callan White who plays a woman trying to sleep her way to the top with no success. Also stars Page Fletcher, John Ireland and Michele Scarabelli as a fully-clothed secretary. This video is also early career nudity for Canadian actresses Nancy Cser and Lynne Cormack (aka Lynn Cormack) who are still acting today.

    • Callan White: all three B's in various nude and love scenes. (1, 2, 3, 4)

    • Nancy Cser: full frontal as nude model, again in bathtub with Page Fletcher. (1, 2)

    • Lynne Cormack: breasts gettin' it on above the sheets with Alan Jordan.

    Ana Torrent The Spanish actress goes topless in scenes from "Vacas" (1991).

    Emma Suárez
    (1, 2, 3)

    Another Spanish beauty giving up the goods. Excellent breast exposure and rear nudity in scenes from "Besos para todos" aka "Kisses for Everyone" (2000).

    Francesca Neri Full frontal nudity in "ˇDispara!" (1993).

    Najwa Nimri The Spanish pop singer and actress topless in scenes from "Los Amantes del Círculo Polar" aka "The Lovers of the Arctic Circle" (1998).

    'Caps and comments by Hankster:

    Today we feature a "Babe in Bondage"... an unknown buxom blonde slave girl up for auction in the 1970 nudie sex flick, "The Notorious Cleopatra".

    • Unknown buxom and full frontal blonde. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    Reese Witherspoon
    (1, 2, 3, 4)
    Susan Sarandon

    Very nice, high quality 'caps by The Night from the movie "Twilight" (1998). Witherspoon looks fantastic topless and Sarandon (or possibly a body double) shows off a bit of bum.

    Nike Arrighi
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Images and comments by PhD.

    It took me a long time to figure out who this was. At first, I only knew that the captures were from the movie "Trois milliards sans ascenseur" and I thought that she was some obscure actress. However, after a search on internet, I learned that Nike is in fact a rather famous Hammer-horror star. Then I noticed the resemblance of this actress with the one on the cover of "The devil rides out". Turns out that Nike Arrighi plays in both movies, indeed. So, I'm pretty sure that it's her.

    I think that these are fairly rare captures, because I've never seen anything of her before.

    Marg Helgenberger Awesome downshirt cleavage from Thursday night's episode of "C.S.I.". Great 'caps by Applecot.

    Estella Warren No nudity, but a couple of artistic and cool head shots. Thanks go out to the master of fashion scans, Blackshine.

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Another Loss For The Record Industry - The Dilbert comic strip lampoons corporate weasels, so held a poll to let readers choose the biggest weasels of the year. The Democratic Party, home of Gary Condit and Robert Torricelli, was named Weaseliest Organization, just ahead of Major League Baseball. France easily defeated Saudi Arabia for Weaseliest Country, while reporters scored an upset over lawyers and politicians for Weaseliest Profession. Microsoft beat Arthur Andersen and Enron for Weaseliest Company. And for Weaseliest Individual, Martha Stewart beat Gary Condit and the French Olympic Skating Judge.

  • Martha won because she's also a Democrat who cooks French food.
  • Saudi Arabia was second, but they're Number 2 with a bullet.
  • There will be an awards ceremony, but the winners will weasel out of attending.
  • Gary Condit would have won, but there was some debate over whether he's a weasel or a rat.

    Alternative Reality - The E! Channel announced that they have signed Anna Nicole Smith for another 13 episodes of her reality show. The producer said Anna has a lot of ideas for next season. For instance, to get her career back on track, "she may go to acting class, and needless to say, it will be hilarious."

  • Especially when they try to teach her how to act coherent.
  • Mostly, she has a lot of ideas for things to eat.
  • I knew Anna Nicole would be back for a second helping.

    A Little Behind In Donations - To raise money for a breast cancer charity, some British celebrities donated bronze and silver casts of their favorite body parts for auction ( The casts include Jude Law's stomach, actress Sadie Frost's face, and most popular, Atomic Kitten singer Jenny Frost's rear end.

  • They wanted a cast of J-Lo's rear end, but they couldn't smelt that much bronze.
  • Gene Simmons offered them a plaster cast of his favorite body part.

    Does This Look Infected? - Christina Aguilera told Rolling Stone that she has 11 body piercings, including one in an intimate place that's seen only by her doctor and her boyfriends.

  • And people who put the "Dirrty" video on freeze frame.

    I May Toss My Cookies - Aguilera also told the New York Daily News that she wants fans to know "I am not your little cookie-cutter virgin"...

  • My God! She's even had sex with a cookie cutter!
  • Thanks for clearing up that misconception.
  • Can we get this girl off of MTV and onto "Dr. Phil"?

    STATUESQUE stunner Sophie Dahl has agreed to strip down for a new fashion ad. The busty blonde caused a controversy with her nude ad for YSL's Opium perfume, but this one, for Brit designer Patrick Cox, may be even racier. Shot by David LaChapelle, the pictures "look like a 1950s porn film," Cox told the London Telegraph. "Sophie is in a state of tousled undress, with semi-clad boys and girls drifting round her in suggestive positions. To start with, it was a nightmare - Sophie insisted she was not going to take her clothes off . . . [But] we got there in the end."