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The 10-24 episode of Naked News featured another audition from "Joanna"

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Today: episode twelve, part 2 of 2

Augie Duke

The last part of the French tribute (for now)

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky

Anna Mouglalis shows some breast in Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2009),

as does an unidentified woman.

Elena Morozova is partially dressed.

The Day I Saw Your Heart

Karina Beuthe is topless getting an X-ray in The Day I Saw Your Heart aka Et soudain tout le monde me manque (2011).

Eden Is West

Eden Is West aka Eden à l'Ouest (2009) has Juliane Köhler

and Léa Wiazemsky starkers,

as are some unidentified women.

Family Tree

Sabrina Seyvecou is briefly naked in Family Tree aka L'arbre et la forêt (2010) and you see her breast.

The First Circle

Vahina Giocante shows her breasts in The First Circle aka Le premier cercle (2009).

The Immortal One

Françoise Brion is down to her underwear in The Immortal One aka L'Immortelle (1963).

The King of Escape

The King of Escape aka Le roi de l'évasion (2009) shows Hafsia Herzi topless.

Mesrine: Part 1 - Killer Instinct

Florence Thomassin is topless in Mesrine: Part 1 - Killer Instinct
aka L'instinct de mort aka Public Enemy No 1 aka a host of other names (2008)

and there is a stripper down to her tassels.

The Moon Child

The Moon Child aka La permission de minuit (2011) has Solene Rigot topless.


Valeria Bruni Tedeschi is topless in Regrets aka Les regrets (2009).

Someone I Loved

Marie-Josée Croze shows her breasts in Someone I Loved aka Je l'aimais (2009).

The Straight Line

The Straight Line aka La ligne droite (2011) has Sonia Jacob naked.

The Wedding Song

Lizzie Brocheré shows the lot in The Wedding Song aka Le chant des mariées (2008),

and Karin Albou

and Olympe Borval are topless.

Los Inocentes


Los Inocentes is a horror comedy where a group of college kids going on a holiday on April Fools Day get lost and decide to stay at an abandoned hostel where 15 years before, a teenage boy died because a cruel prank went wrong. They decide to make the most of it by having a party, but before long, wouldn't you know it, someone starts picking them off one-by-one and you know the rest. Must be some sort of project as there are 12 directors and 15 writers listed for the movie and it occasionally shows as the tone shifts from comedy deaths to quite nasty deaths. While the plot is utterly predictable, I think that's the point as it's more about the deaths and at 65 minutes, it gets in, kills quite a number of people, then gets out. Fun with some ludicrous deaths (Diana Gómez's death is ridiculous and disturbing at the same time), a nice dollop of nudity, just a good time waster, but nothing more.

Barbara Mestanza film clip (collages below)

Diana Gomez film clip (collages below)

unidentified film clip (sample below)

Stella Cadente


Stella Cadente is an artful drama about the reign of an Italian prince who became a Spanish king, Amadeo (Àlex Brendemühl). Driven to change Spain, but is insanely unpopular among the elite, so much so that he is given unofficial house arrest as his inferiors attempt to undermine him any chance they can get. He becomes bored and eventually succumbs to the wiles of his kitchen maid Eloise (Lola Dueñas) while his queen (Bárbara Lennie) is in Italy. Bizarre movie, like a cross between a Peter Greenaway artful eye and the uneven tone of Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, the film sort of meanders for scene to scene mirroring the boredom of Amadeo. In between, you gets scenes involving a bejewel turtle who could possibly be God, some homosexual interaction and a scene with a melon and it's aftermath that is something extraordinary (it even extended in close-up in the extras, which is just... I dunno). And don't forget the wacky cast credits. There's also a scene after the credits involving a nude Lola Dueñas and a plastic dart gun (see below). I really don't know what to make of Stella Cadente...

Lola Duenas film clip (samples below)

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Erin Kline in Sanctuary (2012) in 720p

Joely Richardson in Wetherby (1985) in 1080HD