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Daniela Lienhard in a new German "mismatched buddy" series: Der Cop Und Der Snob: Spinnenkuss (2012)

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Season 1: 1920x1080

Episode 1

Charlotte Gregg film clip


Nautical Nudes

somewhere 1959-64

Brainscan's notes:

There's something of a story behind a few of my recent contributions; goes like this.  Watched Blazing Saddles again a while back and got to revisit the hooters that were Robyn Hilton's.  Acquired a couple of movies in which she was said to get at least a little nekkid.  In Mean Mother she does (caps in Oct 20 edition of Funhouse).  Is said to do likewise in some nudie cutie movie from Something Weird Video called Nude Scrapbook.  Supposed to be an uncredited gal in cowboy boots.  Nope.  Not in the version I have, at least.  But Gigi Darlene does take off her top and so does a gal named Nadja Swenson.  And then there is a second short called Nautical Nudes on the same disk in which Sue Evans (film clip)

and two unknowns sun themselves au natural.

That's my story.  I did read somewhere that Robyn did a lot of nekkid posing back in the day but danged if I have ever found any of it.  Too bad.  She had a terrific body.


Afraid to Dance


Johnny's notes:

Afraid To Dance is a drama about two unnamed characters that cross paths in their meandering lives. The Man (Nique Needles from Dogs in Space) is a petty crim who is going nowhere. When he is picked up by a woman while hitchhiking, he intends to steal from her, but the tables are turned and he is left without money and very nearly without clothes. He goes to the town and intends to steal a car to get to his destination, but it just so happens that the owner of the car (well, I assume the owner of the car), a woman (Rosey Jones) is coming back to it, having done some light shoplifting. She reluctantly gives him a lift, they sort of hit it off and he stays with her but asks him to shove off in the morning. Well, he doesn't and eventually they become closer and this comes to a head when they break into someone's house and watch a video that the man of his house is making for his children. He then takes her virginity, then he dies the next day in a police chase. Of course, she becomes pregnant.

Hmm, not a lot going on here, in fact the film sort of meanders to it's destination without really setting the world on fire, just two social outcasts that find each other and have a brief moment together, not much more than that. Kinda pointless to be honest...

As always with VHS videos, the quality is not perfect, but this came out alright, the video below is a dark scene, so that doesn't help, but the video is OK and quite lengthy.

Rosey Jones film clip (collages below)

Film Clips

Lucia Siposova in 360 (2012) in 1080p

Angie Cepeda in Heleno (2011)

Nadia Fares in Elles n'oublient jamais (1994) in 1080p

Counselor Troi, Marina Sirtis in Wicked Lady (1983) in 1080p (Awesome clip!)

Pics and Collages

PMOY Jaclyn Swedberg has been Tweeting and Instagramming herself

Saranne Lund in Bitch Slap (2009)

Christine Nguyen, from the Bitch Slap DVD special features