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The film clips below are new, but the pics below come from Charlie's Friday update. I decided that it would be useful to use them as thumbnails and samples.

Mika Tard and Claire Dumas in Pourquoi tu Pleures (2011)

Sarah Grappin in A Trois (2011)

Lise Bellynck in Douce (2011)

Frederique Bel in Les Nuits Rouge du Bourreau de Jade (2009)

Carole Brana in Les Nuits Rouge du Bourreau de Jade (2009)


Grievous Bodily Harm


TGrievous Bodily Harm is a 1988 noir thriller that follows two men whose paths will converge. Morris (John Waters) is a school teacher who is obsessed with find his apparently dead wife. He obsessively watches a sex tape with wife Claudine (Joy Bell) and another couple. After hitting a kid in class, he is suspended and has time to himself. At an Austen Tayshus gig (of all places...), he thinks he spies Claudine and decides to find out where Claudine is. Turns out he's a psychopath and will kill anyone who lies to him along the way. Tom (Colin Friels) is a journalist/writer who has just taken $150,000 from a drug courier before he dies in a car crash and was supposed to be for the courier's daughter. He is close to crooked detective Ray Birch (Bruno Lawrence) and when Morris kills Vivian (Caz Lederman) and dumps her body, Tom is called in to cover it. Turns out there's a lot more to the story as Vivian's husband is a chief surgeon cum attempted brothel owner and wants that covered up. Oh and Claudine is alive and well. And fucked if I know how it ends and it stops making sense and just becomes a series of events that I can't work out how it got to the end. There's a decent thriller here, but it must make sense for that to happen. If anyone wants to help me work it out, get in touch...

Just a word on Grievous Bodily Harm, the film itself features no nudity whatsoever, but the Gods at Umbrella has unearthed an editor's workprint which has a shitload of sex tape action which was cleaned up in the film. So, you'll see that the workprint videos are incomplete and sketchy but extremely watchable. But man the workprint is weird to watch, it completely lacks atmosphere.

Joy Bell and Caz Lederman

The Custodian


The Custodian is a 1993 corrupt cop thriller about a detective, James Quinlan (Anthony LaPaglia in fine form), who sees his life falling apart with a deadbeat wife and shitbox apartment while his partner Church (Hugo Weaving, in Red Skull mode) is living it up. When a raid of an illegal casino seems fishy, Quinlan has had enough. He accuses Church of corruption to his face, which he denies. Seemingly out of his depth with a slew of high up cops involved, Quinlan launches an audacious plan to take down Church and everyone else. He decides to become corrupt to. But, he will do so to bring everyone down. He enlists the help of a hotshot current affairs reporter (Kelly Dingwall, Dodge from early Home and Away. Where the hell did he go?), you know, when they actually reported on current affairs, to get the word out, with the help of the only good internal affairs cop (Barry Otto, also good in this film), they'll bring down the bums, but it's going to come at a cost. Excellent thriller with superb performances from a strong cast (also including Bill Hunter, Gosia Dobrowolska, Essie Davis on debut looking pretty damn gorgeous and a pre-Gross Misconduct Naomi Watts), well possibly not Hugo Weaving, he's been better many times over though. It's an ambitious plot, but gripping and well directed. Shame the film has sort of been lost as it features a rare Aussie role from LaPaglia and well and truly his best.

Christina Totos

Essie Davis

Skye Wansey



Brigitte Hobmeier in Weisse Lilien (2007)

Jessica Alba's spanking scene in The Killer Inside Me (2010) in 1080p

Theresa Russell in Bad Timing in 720p


Kirsten Dunst in a bikini in Vegas

Miranda Kerr oops from a (You Tube video)