TV Round-Up

Eastbound and Down - no nudity

Boardwalk Empire - In addition to being the coolest-ass show around, Boardwalk Empire takes seriously its responsibility to represent Prohibition-era Atlantic City as the ultimate celebration of vice. That means there's lots of flesh. This episode may have raised the bar even higher.

SNL - some people suggested that this was a nipple-slip from Emma Stone. I don't see any nipple, but judge for yourself.

You'll find many more brand new TV clips from Defoe, below in the French section


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"True Blood"

continuing with s2e3 in 1920x1080 res

 A new season, even more Anna Paquin

Film clips of Jennifer Wenger (samples below)

other nudity (samples below)



Carrie Westcott in Savage Beach

Jackie Stevens in Softcore Divas: Behind the G-String

Judith Shekoni in Private Moments

Katell Laennec in Malabimba

Liz Renay in Desperate Living

Marguerite Morreau in Easy

Martine Stedl in Women Behind Bars

Ninja Chops in Naked Women's Wrestling League



In France, as in the USA, the television shows are now churning out great nudity regularly. All of the following clips originated on TV except for the last one, and even that one has a strong TV connection, because Sara Martins is a popular TV star who had performed in recurring roles in two recent TV series.


"Maison Close"

Deborah Grall

Jemina West

"The Living and the Dead"

Marie Denarnaud

Peggy Martineu


Nicolle Rochelle in "La Maison de Rocheville"

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu in Ma Femme Ma Fille 2 Bebes

Sara Martins in Mensch




A preview of Sophie Howard's 2011 Calendar

some butt cheeks from Paris Hilton in a "slutty sailor" outfit




Cybill Shepherd, Kimberly Hyde, and Sharon Ullrick in The Last Picture Show in HD

Halina Reijn in Win Win (sample below)

Leelee Sobieski in Uprising in HD (nude, but strategically covered)

Martina Gedeck in Sommer '04 (sample below)

Maureen Mooney in The French Connection (1971), one of the earliest Best Picture winners to include nudity. Midnight Cowboy was the first, in 1969. Other films with nudity had been nominated before that, but had not won:

  • Darling in 1965 showed Julie Christie's buns, plus her breasts in the mirror.
  • Bonnie and Clyde (1967) had a tiny bit of nudity, which we would call "none" by today's standards.
  • Romeo and Juliet in 1968 provided the first direct look at breasts, and the first breasts in color, from a film nominated for Best Picture - and the actress was 15 when the scenes were filmed!