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This is not the Farrelly Brothers' bowling comedy, but a mini-series which could be called the Mexican Sopranos, except that nobody remembers it well enough to give it a nickname.

Maria Conchita Alonso film clip

caps below

Gillian Shure film clip

caps below

Lois Robbins film clip

caps below

Sheryl Lee film clip

caps below

Gladys Jimenez film clip

caps below




Smash Cut


Black comedy horror from the makers of Harry Knuckles and the upcoming "Stripped Naked" and "Summer's Blood." For some reason this has only been released to DVD in Europe.

Sasha Grey: porn actress only showing pokies.

Jennilee Murray: topless as lapdancer but wearing pasties on her tater tots.

Mercedes Papalia: sexy as doctor/stripper.

Cathy Symonds: downblouse as hooker.

Meghanne Kessels: sexy

stripper: bra and panties.

The Shortcut


PG-rated skinless horror next to the above in the new releases section.

Katrina Bowden: sexy in principal's office.

Wendy Anderson: sexy as mother.

Tracy-Lynn Pugsley: 1940s babe getting her foundation garments rustled up until she flashes a bit of panty kneeing guy in groin.

My Bloody Valentine


Nudity wise this is G-rated but gore-wise it originally got slapped with an X-rating until major cuts were made and hasn't been released uncut to video or DVD  until recently.

Helene Udy: what looked like a promising sex scene in the shower got rudely interrupted when her head got impaled on a showerhead.

Cynthia Dale: sexy leg while in red dress.

Pat Hemingway: brassiere by one-timer.


(2006; Video)

The most gory horror since Samhain. If you love sausages do not see this movie.

Chantal Petrin: boobs and buns as stripper who gets cut to pieces.

Catherine Daly: gory nude.

Sophie Gamache: side boob.

Laura Dasylva: sexy but has big butt.



Gory horror with no skin

Jessica Lowndes: actress from new 90210 stripped down to her brassiere for doctor examination. There are two things missing in that doctor's office: a speculum and a pair of rubber gloves.




Drew Barrymore pretty in yellow (no nudity, but hot)

Cecile Cassel in Ex

Christiana Capotondi in Ex

Martina Pinto in Ex

Valentina Valsania in Ex

Gabriella Anwar in Burn Notice, s1, e7

Paula Schramm in Sklaven und Herren

Sarah Silverman (No nudity. I had no idea her boobs were so big.)

Sasha Grey showing her butt in November's German GQ

Reese Witherspoon in the non-vampire version of Twilight



Film Clips

Anna Faris in Observe and Report (non-nude, but sexy and funny)

Eliza Dushku in Dollhouse, s2,e4 (non-nude, cleavage))

Jamie-Lynn Sigler in Ugly Betty, s4e3 (non-nude, in wet underwear)

Ariadna Gil in Desafinado

Michelle Hunziker in Voglio stare sotto al letto

Lisa Eilbacher in Live Wire

Dalila de Lazzaro in Flesh for Frankenstein, once called Andy Warhol's Frankenstein. It spawned the memorable line: "To know death, Otto, you have to fuck life in the gall bladder!"

Imelde Marani, Fiorella Masselli, and Rosita Torosh in Flesh for Frankenstein

Monique van Vooren in Flesh for Frankenstein

Kim Knight in Basement Jack

Natasha Richardson in Asylum

Shawna Waldron in Poison Ivy 4 (samples right)
Miriam McDonald in Poison Ivy 4 (in HD; samples right). This was a major departure for her. She is the star of the current PG-rated DeGrassi TV series in Canuckistan, and she's been on that since she was a very young teen. She's gorgeous in a Anna Kournokova meets Ali Larter kind of blond goddess way.
Sita Young in The Last Resort (sample right)