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From the mailbox:

Dear Uncle Scoopy,
I am a big fan of Grace Park and have been eagerly waitingto see if you will post a clip and/or captures from the October 10 episode of Hawaii Five-0 (s5e3). This episode seems to have been designed around bikinis and opens with three young women in scanty bikini's robbing a tour bus. The highlight however, is when Grace's character, Kono, goes in search of them at a surfing beach clad in the skimpiest, sexiest bikini she has ever worn on the show. Even better, the camera lovingly dwells on her beauty,elegance, and sexiness from all angles. It also culminates with the no-doubt first ever surfboard-surfboard hot pursuit chase scene in TV/film history. Must-see TV indeed! I hope that you or one of your followers can capture this for all of us.


OK, easy enough

Grace Park

the three other girls in the opening sequence

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season 1


Today: episode twelve, part 1 of 2

The ubiquitous Ana Alexander

The last part of the French tribute (for now)

The Names of Love

Sara Forestier goes naked in The Names of Love aka Le nom des gens (2010)

You Will Be Mine

Judith Davis is topless in You Will Be Mine aka Je te mangerais (2009)

and Isild Le Besco looks good.

TV and Film Clips

Megan Maczko in Deadly Virtues: Love Honour Obey (2014)

Maria Vogt in Rastlos (2014) in 720p

Antonia Thomas in Northern Soul (2014) in low quality 720x384