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"True Blood"

continuing with s2e2 in 1920x1080 res

 A new season, even more Anna Paquin

Film clips of Anna Paquin (samples below)



Robin Sydney in Skin

Robin Sydney in Wicked Lake

Sakurako Kaoru in Sexual Parasite

Syren in Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet, the only Bergman film with the word "bikini" in the title

Tanya Lemelle in Black Tie Nights

Tiana Jackson in The Naked Truth

Troy Beyer in A Light in the Darkness

Verena Mundhenke in Klimt



"Wild Cherry"


Dumb sex comedy available on DVD in Australia.

Tania Raymonde: bra and panties, masturbating with washing machine, then carrot, buns running up stairs with no panties, masturbating again, then finally having sex but wearing more clothes than Scarlet O'Hara.

Rumer Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore): brassiere getting her boobs honked, bikini, catfight, lesbian kiss.

Tegan Moss: sexy as slutty cheerleader, catfight with Rumer, then lesbian kiss.

Tia Carrere: sexy as sex-ed teacher.

"Coopers' Camera"

(2008; trailer)

This is from a trailer from the Wild Cherry DVD and is itself to be released in Australia next month. Unfortunately the only nudity is male frontal.

Hannah Lochner: bra and panties by former child actress. You may remember her as the daughter from the G-Spot cable series.

"Lost Girl"

episode: "Dead Lucky" (s1e05)

Anna Silk: fully clothed sex in opening scene.

Emily Lineham: sexy as dancing corpse in morgue. You may remember her as the Red Nurse from Silent Hill.


"Todd and the Book of Pure Evil"

episode: Monster Fat" (s1e05)

Maggie Castle: cleavage, near upskirt in short skirt.

Ali Tataryn: very sexy.

shower babes: nothing much here.

"Being Erica"

episode: "Being Adam" (s3e05)

Jordan Hayes: partial boob having sex.

Kathleen Laskey: very sexy for an actress in her 50s.

"Check It Out"

episode: "Fatal Harassment"

1988 episode from the little known series starring Don Adams of Get Smart/Inspector Gadget fame.

Laura Dickson: mega cleavage.


A Bonus

A Jennifer Inch pictorial from a magazine called "Kwik," which seems to have originated in Flanders.




Lesley Vickerage in Between the Lines

Angie Everhart in her prime

Dana Andersen in O.C. and Stiggs

Tiffany Helm in O.C. and Stiggs


Raven Dauda in an episode of "Bliss"

Beatie Edney in Highlander. She's still working, but I'm guessing that things didn't turn out as she hoped they might when she got a major role in Highlander at age 23 and had every fan-boy on the planet drooling over her. I'll bet she spends the majority of her time signing Highlander posters. Next year will be the 25th  anniversary of Highlander. Memento mori.

Roxanne Hart in Highlander.  She's nearly 60 now, so her nude scene days are over, but she was an important character in this year's episodes of "Hung." She played the lonely, shy, wealthy middle aged lady who thought she was paying for a gigolo - except that the guy she was with had no idea he was being paid for, and was in love with her to boot. It's a long story, more touching than funny, so not really worth expanding.




 (sample below)

Lucia Jimenez in Occhi di cristallo ("The Eyes of Crystal"; 2004). It's one of those Italian flicks where the stars are from different countries. This time the cast comes from Spain, Italy and (surprise) Bulgaria. Lucia is Castillian. (Samples below)

Melissa Brasselle in a film unjustly ignored by the Oscar committee: Lusty Busty Babeaque. (Samples below)

Isis Cabolet, Charlie Dagelet, and Anna Raadsveld in "Lelle Belle." This is sort of a made-for-Dutch TV effort which aired on the state-funded Dutch TV network despite some fairly explicit erotica. What can ya say? The Dutch have their own way of looking at things.

Mariel Hemingway film festival from her mid-period, just after the implants, but before the TV series: Creator (1985), Star 80 (1983), The Mean Season (1985). (She got the implants after Personal Best, before Star 80. Those two movies were filmed only months apart, but with very different Mariel bodies.)

Elizabeth Berkley in Any Given Sunday (HD)

Natalie Britton in Perrier's Bounty