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We are still going around and around with Google over the false positives for malware. (Short answer: there isn't any.)

God only knows how they could conclude that there is malware on pages with no pop-ups, no ads, no scripts and no active content. One of the pages on their list is one that was last updated on Dec 23, 2002 (and it has no active content at all. It's just Tuna's page which says, "Hi, a little about me!"! But that's not the worst of it. One of the pages on the report is not accessible (it's one that can only be accessed through a path that only I know) - so how can it distribute anything? That's still not the worst of it. One page is one that could be generated theoretically, but never has been. It would be created dynamically from a script that generates referrer info, but to do so would require me to click on a button I have never used, and I'm the only one who knows where that button is. Even if someone knew the URL, they would have to get there from a complex and specific string of other sites and would have to know two different passwords - it's a freakin' labyrinth! That's still not the worst example. Two of the pages on the naughty list haven't even existed for years!!!

At any rate, although the Google problem continues, the browser issues seem to be resolved. I just checked and I was able to reach the site and navigate all pages with Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari, using all the default settings. (I didn't test Opera.) There is no problem with MSIE, but there has never been, since it  has been free of this particular glitch.

In case you are still having trouble with Firefox, you should be able to fix it in tools/options/security by unchecking "block reported attack sites" when you surf our sites. You can always switch the settings back later.

Sorry about all this. It's drivin' me crazy, but I'm doing everything I can do. I can only assure you that there could be no harmful content anywhere within the members' area. (Hijacking is not a possibility. I checked the logs. Since Scoopy Jr left the team, there have been no log-ins to any of the web-accessible portions of the servers except by me.)



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The Outlaw Josey Wales


Sondra Locke film clips

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Scoop's notes:

The Outlaw Josey Wales portrays the difficulty of doing good things in bad times, and the difficulty of forgiving yourself for the things you may have done to cope with those times. It takes place in and around the time of US Civil War, which disrupted as many moral compasses as any time in recent memory. Not only did it feature Americans at war with other Americans, but it featured neighbors and family members killing one other in the border states. And, of course, it was grounded in a philosophical dispute about people "owning" other people. Worst of all, when the Civil war was over, the fat lady still hadn't sung for anybody in the south. The hatred was still there, the country was filled with displaced slaves trying to find a new existence, and carpetbaggers who were trying to scam everyone. The Federal Government, which had tried to obtain the moral high ground in the Civil War by pontificating about the human rights of the slaves, turned around and started taking a lot of those same rights away from the indigenous native tribes. It was an ugly time which made people do ugly things.

Josey Wales was a Missouri farmer whose home was looted and his family slaughtered by marauding Kansas "redlegs." He ended up joining a Confederate renegade unit which was pretty much built on the same tenuous moral ground as the redlegs themselves, and the farmer Josey Wales, who didn't even know how to shoot a gun, became the outlaw Josey Wales, ruthless slayer of hundreds and a hunted man. He made that difficult adjustment, but the harder adjustment was to become a man again, in the company of other men, after years of being a killing machine and a loner.

Clint Eastwood directed himself in this movie, and he did a great job. He was still under the spell of Sergio Leone a bit, so there are a few too many squinty-eyed close ups for my taste, but this is a great epic Western. The photography is outstanding, the minor characters are great (especially Chief Dan George as an old Indian with a sharp wit), the history and period reproductions are accurate, the music is from that era, and Eastwood is excellent at telling an economical straightforward narrative yarn.

I don't know if it is the best Western ever, but it's probably my favorite, and I guess that's because it's more human and touching than The Searchers or Unforgiven.




Amy Smart, kinda see-through

Another day, another look at Lohan's nipples

Catherine Zeta-Jones, snapped by Ron Wolfson. I wouldn't even have recognized her.

Hatice Aslan in Three Monkeys

Gigi Darlene in The Love Statue


Emily Dix in The Killer Bra

Gergana Zubanova in The Killer Bra

Maggie McOmie in THX 1138

Alley Baggett

Catrine Menghia

Charley Uchea

Naomi Campbell - uncensored version of the Flaunt cover

Not new, but time for another look:

Megan Fox is not topless in these pics, but she may as well be. They were snapped by paps with a telephoto lens on the set of Jennifer's Body. Unfortunately, this revealing made it into  the Diablo Cody movie.

Film Clips