Not much new stuff of note today. Damn, it's still three months until Californication starts.


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



"True Blood"

continuing with s2e1 in 1920x1080 res

 A new season, more Anna Paquin

Film clips of Anna Paquin (samples below)




Franchezka Valentina in Lesbionage 2. I wonder if I would understand it. I haven't seen Lezbionage 1.

Francine Dee in Ultra Vixens: Asians 3

Gina Lynn in Thinking XXX

Ingrid Caven in The Merchant of Four Seasons

Irm Herman in The Merchant of Four Seasons

Jasmine St Clair in Wrestling Vixens: Wrestlerotica

Jessica Darlin in Wrestling Vixens: Wrestlerotica

Isild LeBesco in Backstage and The Untouchable

Lisa Moretti in WWF Divas

The Kardashians in Keeping Up

Teresa Palmer in Restraint

Tera Patrick in The Stalker and Pets in Paradise




Haven't seen Donna Air in a long time. See plenty of her here.

A younger Kelly Reilly, nine years ago in The Safe House

Petra Scharbach in Lolita Forever




Borislava Kostadinova in Occhi di cristallo (sample below)

Eva Habermann in Vier Tage Toskana (sample below)

Jana Kozewa in an episode of In aller Freundschaft (sample below)

Patricia Arquette in True Romance. Not HD, but a good PAL DVD. (sample below)

Ines Dressler and Marie Zielke in Silvester Countdown

Susan Sennett and Tiffany Bolling in The Candy Snatchers

The women of Blood Night: Maryam Basir, Samantha Facchi, and Samantha Jacobs