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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Romance With A Double Bass



Romance with a Double Bass is a BBC production of the classic Anton Chekhov short story "Roman s kontrbasom," as scripted by and starring Python regulars John Cleese and Connie Booth. There is to be an engagement party for a princess (Connie Booth), and the double bass player (John Cleese) arrives early. He is told to go away and come back later, and so decides to skinny dip in the river, where he runs into the princess fishing. When the line breaks, she strips to go into the water and save her float. A thief steals both their clothes. He gallantly offers to return her to the palace inside the case for his instrument. Once at the castle, hilarity ensues.

This is a charming classic of world literature, and is presented in exactly the spirit it was written. The DVD quality, unfortunately, is not good, but the material overcomes that.

Connie Booth does full frontal.









Big Jewel


We'll return to Wild Women at Work tomorrow. Today is variety day. I think you all know who Julie Strain is and what she has done. Here is a representative sample:

Julie Strain in Robot Girl

Julie Strain in Secret Confessions

Julie Strain in Sexy Lingerie IV

Julie Strain in Sexy Stars, Rising Starlets








Two and a Half Men


From the Alicia Witt film clip in yesterday's Fun House. Boy, she was hot: cleavage, butt and legs.










2008 TV Series

Scoop's note: While the rest of us have been asleep at the switch, Aesthete has been watching this show - and recording it in HD. The result: This great clip of Arlene Tur and some caps (below) to go with it.


Something's Gotta Give


Diane Keaton's vivid, brave, funny nude scene in ultra high definition (1920x1080), which shows that she was very naked indeed. Clip here, caps below












Notes and collages

Ski School


Wendy Hamilton






enter the DragonScan

Lizzy Caplan on True Blood, episode 7
Judith Remy in Ou avais-je la tete