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Third party videos:

  • Melanie Griffith in Body Double (Several .avis zipped together). Ridiculously underrated at 6.3 at IMDb. One of my favorite movies. Great story. Good mystery. Incredibly sexy - at like top ten of all time. Funny. Marvelously entertaining. And Tuna likes it even more than I do! (Movie House review.)




Clive Barker to Write Hellraiser Remake

Upcoming Nude Scenes. Probably a worthwhile bookmark if this is your bag, baby.

Saw 3 has been rated R for a "Scene depicting full frontal female nudity in a non-sexual context" (Deborah McCabe)

RIP Jane Wyatt of 'Father Knows Best'. She was 96.

Legends of HS Football: More Kenny Hall stories.

  • His 520 yard game came on 11 carries. In the same game he also had a 21 yard INT, an 82 yard punt return, and a 64 yard kickoff return. And once again, most impressive of all, he sat out the second half and half of the second quarter!
  • In another game, playing QB, he touched the ball nine times, and the team scored on every play!
  • With an incredible fusion of speed and power, Hall was also a state champion in both the hundred yard dash and the shot put, a rare combination. (And that was in Texas, a mighty big state obsessed with sports year-round. He once ran the hundred in 9.4 and the 40 in 4.3. Pretty good for a shot putter!)

More Things You Didn't Know About Kim Jong Il. A long and hilarious thread at Fark. Some of my favorites:

  • Every year at Thanksgiving, he pardons a dog
  • Dogs can't smell him.
  • Was once in consideration for the part of "Long Duk Dong" in John Hughes's seminal classic "Sixteen Candles".
  • He drives an ice cream truck covered in human skulls.
  • Once scissor-kicked Angela Lansbury.
  • Taught Fritz Von Erich how to properly administer The Iron Claw.
  • He wrote 7 operas devoted to Richard Crenna
  • Came third in the Eurovision Song Contest competing for Portugal in 1959
  • He really can throw a football over them mountains

Weekend Box Office Results for October 20–22, 2006

  • The weekend's big loser: Clint Eastwood, whose ambitious, honorable, big-budget war movie took in a mere $10 million on opening weekend, far below already modest expectations.
  • The big winner: Martin Scorsese, who finally seems to have a genuine hit. The Departed dropped only 28% from last week, and almost won the weekend - in its third week! Given the results and the 94% positive reviews, the studio has to be regretting releasing this in the weakest period of the year instead of waiting until Thanksgiving.
  • Honorable mention: Tim Burton, whose re-released Christmas movie in 3-D took in an impressive $20,000 per screen to finish 12th, despite being on fewer than 200 screens. Burton's movie took in more than Employee of the Month, although the latter was on two THOUSAND screens.


Russian Hamlet wins Rome's first film festival

  • To being or not to being. That is question.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Kim Jong Il

  • Once beat Jordan one-on-one
  • Stepped aside from successful Jolie courtship after tearful heart-to-heart with Brad Pitt
  • Loves movies, and has watched Cabin Boy more than 1000 times
  • HUGE Carson Daly fan
  • Competes in luge without that sissy sled
  • Smokes Virginia Slims Menthol
  • Sews his own clothes
  • Still holds the North Korean trick-or-treat record he set in his childhood.
  • Best pals with Casper van Dien
  • Afraid of shoe horses

Kinky Friedman a 'Lone Ranger' on the campaign trail

  • I believe that if Hunter Thompson could have imagined Kinky having a chance, the good doctor would have postponed his suicide to cover the campaign.

Best high school athletes ever

  • You probably never heard of Kenny Hall, the Sugarland Express, because he didn't get along with Bear Bryant at A&M, and sort of fell from the spotlight, but nobody compared to Kenny in high school. Not Earl Campbell. Not Emmitt Smith. Nobody. His records sound like some of my dad's fish tales. Here's my favorite. In one game he played only the first 15 minutes, scoring seven TDs and rushing for 520 yards. He could conceivably have rushed for 1500 yards in that one game, and pretty much had 1000 in the bag! His team was the state champion that year as well.

Rolen and Pujols hammer Verlander, Cards rook tosses 4-hitter (with a little help from Looper)

  • I mean no disrespect for the Cards. They are better than their 83 wins indicate, and Pujols is now the greatest hitter on the planet. But I still hate the idea of a .500 team winning the Series.

Reviewing the The Bugatti Veyron 16.4

  • You wonder what's so unusual about a freakin' car review? Well, I'll tell you. How bad a review could you write if Bugatti let you test drive their $1.3 million car between LA and SF?

Revving Up: Audi's High-Power Plans (The are planning to go apeshit with super-powered cars.)

Freed inmate refuses to leave jail

  • He was sentenced to life imprisonment, and he's not letting the state off the hook!




Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Blowback (2000)

This  is a Canadian police thriller about a cat-and-mouse battle between a cop (Mario Van Peebles) and a serial killer (James Remar), both of whom are biblical scholars! The cop studied for the priesthood, and even memorized the bible, but decided he could do more good on the police force. The killer was raised by a preacher, and was so obsesses with religion that he killed his victims by imitating the martyrdom deaths of famous saints. He also left a scriptural reference in each of their mouths. As the film opens, we see a victim crucified upside down (Erin Dana Dalton). The cop catches the killer, but the victim is dead, and the cop got nailed through the hands before he bit off the killer's nose. The killer is tried, convicted and executed. Both the cop and his ex-wife  (Gladys Jimenez), who happened to be the prosecutor, witness the execution.

End of movie, right?


What they don't witness is that the killer is brought back from the dead by government scientists, given plastic surgery and a new identity, and programmed to become a government assassin.

I didn't make that up.

Cut to the future. The killer is exacting a brutal revenge on everyone responsible for his conviction, and Peebles is on the case with a new female partner. Since this film can leave no cliché untapped, we then proceed to the ol' "dedicated detective who gets thrown off the case but refuses to stop" gambit. Those of you familiar with this sort of movie already know that the cops female partner must die, and the film will end in the inevitable face-to-face showdown when the cop has to save his ex-wife from the psycho.

To their credit, they did not leave room for a sequel.

The film was derivative and cliché-ridden, and even included Peebles waking up from dreaming that he woke up from a dream. Now that I have seen that trick four times, it makes me want to blow chunks. I am not sure why they chose not to make this a mystery, but the script let us in on the secret from the beginning. There was never any effort at misdirection. 100% of the dramatic tension consisted of wondering who would be the last victim before the killer was finally caught.

What I have written above seems pretty negative, but the film had four great breasts, some cool deaths, and kept me entertained. That is worth a C-.

IMDb readers say 4.3.



Erin Dana Dalton shows breasts before the opening credits.




Puerto Rican born Gladys Jimenez, star of General Hospital, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful among others, shows breasts in a sex scene, and also during the climax of the film.








Today the Time Machine travels all the way back to 1971 for Tombs of the Blind Dead.

Caps of Lone Fleming showing boobs.



Caps and clips (two .wmvs zipped together) of Britt Nichols as a "Babe in Bondage" who has her clothes sliced with swords by the Templars on horseback exposing and cutting her breasts. Then they suck the blood from her, as is the wont of vampire knights.





* "The Detonator" (2005):

- Silvia Colloca


* "Spanish Judges" (1999)

- Valeria Golino



* "Transamerica" (2005)

- Felicity Huffman



* "Three... Extremes" (2005)

- Bai Ling


- Kyoko Hasegawa








Notes and collages

Justine Bateman in Out of Order

I well remember the crush I had on Justine Bateman as the sister in the TV show "Family Ties.". If anyone else feels as I do, ignore this collage and get a clip of this scene; you will understand why if you do. (Some things are more vivid in motion.)



Lisa Blount in Dead and Buried

  Many people may recall Lisa Blount as Debra Winger's avaricious friend in "An Officer and a Gentleman."  This film ("Dead and Buried") is a low-budget horror flick which dropped below the radar fairly quickly after its release many years ago. I happen to like it a lot as a different twist on "zombies."  This scene is of a beach photographer taking photos of Lisa Blount (hence that circle in the middle of the images.)



Lisa London in "H.O.T.S"

If this film is not the acme of gratuitous nudity by very pretty ladies, I'd like to know what is. Here is Lisa London changing her shirt (not realizing that a thief is hiding in her closet.)






Johnny Moronic did a Leelee Sobieski triple feature.  First, Dark Places

Leelee Sobieski - Hercules

Leelee Sobieski - L'Idole

Here's Tara Fitzgerald tickling the taco in Dark Places

What the hell! Brigitte Lahaie is still alive? Not only that, she's still getting naked. (In 2004's Calvaire)

Exploitation legend Sydne Rome in Stop Calling Me Baby

Underweight Nicole Richie upskirt. You might want to skip this one.