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Wild Women at Work


Hot Body is kind of a video magazine in the same way that Fox News is kind of a news organization. Come rain or shine you know what to expect from both venues. To their credit the Hot Body folks pretend to be nothing legitimate, just a group of guys providing more guys with videos of very nekkid women. Take Wild Women at Work. I suppose the only bullshit in this whole thing is the idea these women work at anything other than taking off their clothes. You wouldn't recognize most of them - or at least I did not - but three have some B movie credits to their names. Antoinette Abbot is a classic butter face with a killer bod who has done a few DTV ventures. Jesse Capelli showed up in a couple of wide-release movies as Jennifer Leone but has been in a boatload of explicit softcore things. She was Pet of the Month sometime in the last decade. And Monica Mendez is a former Hefmate model who has at least one hardcore movie to her credit. All look great and each shows you things your wives and girlfriends might not, even if you got 'em drunk.

Day 1: Antoinette Abbot







Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp


The only thing good about this little horror flick is Tiffany Shepis, who is always willing to take off her clothes and bared all for the camera. Caps and a clip.











Nude Awakening

It's the greatest nude scene in the history of network television and, given the current direction, is likely to hold that title for some time to come.

Charlotte Ross HD film clip. Collages follow.







This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

Today's show is brought to you by the letter D:

Daniele Arditi in Le Vol de la Colombe

Darina Al Joundi in Un Homme Perdu

Deborah Amselem and others in Ali Baba

Delphine Rollin in La Legende des 3 Clefs

Delphine Serina in Les Univers Paralits









Notes and collages


(ongoing project)

1996, Demi Moore







Alicia Keys is all but topless in this candid shot

Lizzy Caplan in an earlier appearance (The Class). Sexy and beautiful, but not nekkid.

A collage of Mary Louise Parker's bathtub appearance on Weeds

Miley Cyrus exposes her puppy to the cold


Film Clips