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Kether Donohue's nipple escaped from her bra in You're The Worst (s3e8)

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This week, movies from 2005:

Jackie's Hot Property

Jackie's Hot Property (2005) is a short film that is on the Lust in Space DVD.

Alexia Moore

and Jackie Stevens show the lot.

Cat Sick Blues


Cat Sick Blues is a serial killer horror movie where Ted (Matthew C. Vaughan) has begun dressing up as a cat and killing women after the death of his cat Patrick. He also behaves like a cat and kills his victims like a cat with his own set of sharp claws plus the final piece of his outfit, a very nasty looking strap-on cat penis. Claire (British actress Shian Denovan) is the owner of a cat named Ingrid, who is the star of a very popular series of YouTube videos Claire and her friend make, but since Ingrid got injured, the videos have been lacking. One day, she lets an Ingrid fan in to see her, but in a scuffle, he kills Ingrid and rapes Claire and her life goes into disarray. After killing his favourite webcam model, Ted sees a video of Claire being raped which was uploaded online and he begins to follow her. Instead of going to a rape counsellor as suggested by her mother, Claire goes to an animal grieve meeting. Ted follows her in and asks her out and they have sex. Ted keeps on killing, first the grief counsellor then four backpackers and when news about the backpacking killers reaches Claire, she figures out that Ted is the killer and she becomes paralysed by fear that he may come after her. Ted reaches his goal of killing 9 women after slaughtering a prostitute and believes that this will bring back Patrick from the dead with the help from Claire, but things don't go to plan for either of them.

Well, Cat Sick Blues is one helluva movie. A very unique take on the serial killer genre that is completely weird and fairly disturbing and gory even with it's tongue firmly in its cheek. It's death scenes are quite something, mainly mirroring what a cat would do with some decent gore effects and the strap-on cat penis gets plenty of use, particularly during the backpacking killing scene. There's one sequence near the end that is absolutely bizarre and that's saying something considering what goes on before it, but to be honest, it felt tacked on and it should have been better used. This is one very odd movie, an unique take on a bloated genre and I enjoyed it far more than I ever thought I would. But, recommending it is another matter...

Cat Commander 1080hd film clip (sample below)

Denae Swinburne 1080hd film clip (sample below)

Shian Denovan 1080hd film clip (collages below)

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