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"Hit & Miss"



Episode 1

Chloe Sevigny


They Bite


Blake Pickett

Christina Veronica


Acapulco H.E.A.T.

Acapulco H.E.A.T. was a show made in the mid nineties in Puerto Vallarta, although it was set in Acapulco, Mexico. There were 48 shows made over two seasons. The first season, made in 1993 and 1994, was made for the American market and the second season, made in 1998 and 1999, was for the European market.

The story is a about group of top-secret agents who are used to fight terrorism and international crime. They work undercover as owners of a boutique called Acapulco HEAT Beach Fashions. Incidentally, H.E.A.T. stands for Hemisphere emergency Action Team - a shocker of an anagram if ever there was one.

There was no nudity but plenty of bikinis and cleavage. The main person on display was one of lead actresses named Alison Armitage, aka the Playboy playmate October 1990, as Brittany York. Other lead actresses occasionally showing what they've got include Catherine Oxenberg, Holly Floria in the first season. Lydie Denier and Christa Sauls were the co-leads in the second season.

These final caps were from Season 2, made in 1998 and 1999. The disparity in the episode numbers is because the episodes on the DVDs are different to the IMDB episodes.

Episode 4 Code Name - Day of the Dead (1998)

Alison Armitage - bikini

Lydie Denier - bikini

Christa Sauls - bikini

Episode 8 Code Name - The Mouse That Squeaked (1998)

Alison Armitage - pokies

Renee Graham - bikini

Lydie Denier - sexy

Christa Sauls - bikini

Episode 11 Code Name - Million Dollar Man (1998)

Alison Armitage - bikini

Lydie Denier - bikini

Christa Sauls - sexy

Episode 12 Code Name - Death of a Friendship (1999)

Alison Armitage - bikini

Lydie Denier - cleavage

Erika Nann - bikini

Christa Sauls - bikini

Episode 14 Code Name - Hot Chains (1999)

Alison Armitage - bikini

Shannon Maureen Brown - underwear

Lydie Denier - sexy

Beth Tegarden - cleavage

Unidentified - sexy

Episode 20 Code Name - The Stolen Leg (1999)

Alison Armitage - bikini

Lydie Denier - bikini

Christa Sauls - sexy

Katherine Olsen - sexy

Unidentified - bikinis

Episode 21 (aka episode 22) Code Name - Matador (1999)

Alison Armitage - upskirt

Lydie Denier - cleavage

Andaluz Russell - bikini

Episode 19 (aka episode 23) Code Name - Lollipop, Lollipop (1999)

Alison Armitage - bikini

Christa Sauls - bikini

Lydie Denier - sexy

Tina Corsini - upskirt

Episode 24 Code Name - Phantom (1999)

Alison Armitage - bikini

Chase Masterson - cleavage

Christa Sauls - bikini

Lydie Denier - bikini

Kimberly Warren - bikini

Episode 25 Code Name - Flight 401 (1999)

Lydie Denier - plenty of cleavage

Episode 26 Code Name - I Remember (1999)

Alison Armitage - bikini

Lydie Denier - bikini

Christa Sauls - bikini

On the Road


Experimenting with casual sex, illicit drugs, threesomes, and homosexuality. That's what your grandpappy did after the war. The classic Beatnik story is only available on DVD in France. Kristen Stewart's double handjob scene is missing on some versions including the print that screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Kristen Stewart: topless.

Alice Braga: topless.

Kaniehtiio Horn: topless.

Kirsten Dunst: sexy.

hookers: topless.

The Perfect Teacher

(2010 TV Movie)

Teensploitation from the makers of The Perfect Roommate, A Teacher's Crime, and the upcoming The Perfect Boss.
Megan Park: brassiere.

Christina Broccolini: very sexy dress.

"World Without End"

episode: "Queen" (ep 7)
Another episode of nudity which still shows nothing.

Sarah Gadon: nude in bathtub this being the closest to her first nude scene.

Charlotte Riley: nude sex scene.

unknown: nude getting out of bed.


pilot episode (s1e01)
New tv series based on a graphic novel, which back in the day used to called a comic book.
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: bra and panties.

stuntbabe: bra and panties.


episode: "The General's Daughter" (s1e01)

The Canadian tv series is currently airing only in Germany.Only in Germany ja? Schadenfreude!
Rachel Skarsten: boob and butt.

"Beauty and the Beast"

pilot episode (s1e01)

Another modern take on the fairy tale this time with a female cop angle.

Kristin Kreuk: sexy.

Tomorrow by Midnight

(2001; trailer)

TROMA film starring an early Tamara Craig Thomas

 with Jennifer Lambert providing the nudity.

"Unite 9"

le tv series le episode 6
WIP drama finally with some exploitation elements worthy of Chained Heat's
John "Dean Wormer" Vernon.
Eve Landry: topless showing her mosquito bites.

Suzanne Clement: bra and panties trying to lure rape some female

Mariloup Wolfe: sexy as off duty prison guard.

"Mauvais Karma"

 le tv series (s3e04)

Judith Baribeau gets a gay co-worker to leave the lunch room by flashing her bra.

Other stuff...

Suzanne Clement: sexy in promotion photo from the movie Laurence Anyways.

Chantal Bellavance: Montreal model/actress showing her unkempt hair and bush.

Roxanne Gaudette-Loiseau: Quebec actress
finally sheds her clothes in Perle magazine.

Teenage Caveman


I haven't watched Teenage Caveman since I first capped it, so I couldn't remember whether I liked it or not, but rewatching it recently, I don't know how I could have forgotten how awful this movie is. Basically, it's a B-picture directed by Larry Clark (of Kids, Another Day in Paradise, Bully and Ken Park fame), so it features a helluva lot of exploration of teenage sexuality, which is the best thing about thing about the movie. That isn't saying much as Clark has said it better in his other films. When it comes to the B-grade exploitation stuff, Clark is so utterly clueless and it all seems completely out of place. And then there's the acting which is at times unbearable to watch (nothing unusual for a Clark film). Geez, Tiffany Limos is excruciating any time she has to emote and most of the cast has barely acted in anything else and it's not hard to know why. Plenty of nudity, but even that feels stilted as it seems that full frontal nudity wasn't allowed, so that has affected the editing, which is terrible as is. Wow, I know B-films aren't usually the best, but Teenage Caveman takes it's awfulness to a level most B-filmmakers would cringe at. Ugh!

Tara Subkoff film clips (collages below)

Hayley Keenan film clips (collages below)

Crystal Grant film clips (collages below)

Tiffany Limos film clips (collages below)

Tiffany Limos and Crystal Grant film clip



Elodie Bouchez in Don't Let Me Die on a Sunday (1998)

Barbara Windsor in Carry On, Henry (1971)