The ultimate "Separated at Birth" - Paz Vega and Dushku

Important note

We have been going around in circles with Google for about three weeks with their "attack site" warnings. There is no problem with our sites. Google is simply screwed up. Examples:

(1) for two days last week they decided that was an attack site, despite the fact that not a single thing has changed on that URL in years - not a freakin' comma! Then, just as inexplicably and without anything changing on the site, they changed their minds and gave it their benediction again!

(2) we have gone on-and-off three times with Their bot thinks there is a problem, so I ask for a review. Google then does a manual check and removes the warnings because there is not a problem - but they make no changes to the bot - so, of course - you guessed it  - the bot puts the warnings back up the next time it scans the site. The manual review then removes the warnings again because there is no problem, but they still make no adjustments to the bot, so ... well, you can guess the rest of the story. You'd think they would figure out from this process that their bot is fucked, but this is apparently beyond their reasoning abilities. I guess they'll get it eventually.

(3) they have now decided that Charlie's site is an attack site! This is a particularly silly determination, since his site has no active content or scripts. It is simply text and links to pictures, so no attacking is actually possible. God only knows how their bot cam up with that one.

(4) Google has also been adding and removing the Movie House from the warning sites, for reasons completely unknown to me. I have not contacted them on that one, but as of this moment they have removed the warnings on their own. (Without my having made any changes!)

Anyway, the Google problem can filter into our site in certain ways if you use Firefox, because Firefox keys off Google for some functions. That browser or the Chrome browser may prevent you from getting to the back issues or to Charlie's site, (or sometimes to the Movie House or Other Crap).

Until they figure out their problems, there is a workaround.

You can either (1) switch temporarily to MSIE, which is immune from this glitch; or (2) in Firefox, go to tools/options/security and uncheck "block reported attack sites."

Needless to say, there is no actual harmful content anywhere. As you know, there are not even any cookies, and there are no ads except on, and even those ads are only the ones supplied by Amazon and Google itself.



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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