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Self-Service Girls


Self-Service Girls (1974), originally Mädchen, die sich selbst bedienen, is a sexploitation comedy from Erwin C. Dietrich, whom you might remember him as Jess Franco's collaborator on several films produced in Switzerland. This time, a horny man watches several loops at a coin op sex arcade, and comments between them. It features all of the usual women from Dietrich films, all of whom show everything, sometimes including gyno shots.

  • Rita Waldenberg takes on the entire bowling team in the locker room one at a time. She is also seen with a massive vibrator at the end of the film.
  • Christa Free plays a nurse who sees a man having his member amputated. She decides to cheer him up that night by letting him finger her and then sitting on his face.
  • Marianne Dupont enters a sauna surprising a naked man. He is embarrassed, but she is impressed. She end sup taking him home for a modeling and sex session.
  • Claudia Fielers is a stewardess who initiates a passenger into the mile high club.
  • Esther Studer comes home, and the man in the apartment next to her is watching a stag film. He spies on her masturbating, then she spies on him, and finally joins him.
  • Monika Rohde is turned on by a neighbor practicing violin and rubs herself off.
  • Martina Domingo is noisily making love, and the man next door is kept awake by the noise. He decides to get even by making a tape of 5 hours of sex sounds, and leaving it for them to hear. She is impressed, and comes to his place the next night, but discovers he is a minute man, and leaves in disgust. She is also seen at the end with the vibrator.

This was very nostalgic for me, as this is the sort of film we used to see at adult night at the drive-in. It features really bad English, French or German dubbing, but the video quality is excellent. This is a Euro sex farce, and a very easy one to watch.

Not enough IMDb votes for a meaningful score.

Martina Domingo

Monika Rohde

Esther Studer

Claudia Fielers

Marianne Dupont

Christa Free

Rita Waldenberg










The Time Machine visits a sci-fi/horror flick

Adriane Lee shows off the "Tiny Tots".

Slimy breasts from Amy Brentano.

Frances Raines shows it all as she reveals her lovely body.

More 'Tiny Tots" from LeeAnne Baker.

A very impressive rack from Natalie O'Connell.







Notes and collages


Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty, Season 3, Episode 14









The Hitchhiker

Several film clips from the groundbreaking 1980s cable show:

Buried Alive

Lindsey Scott


Erin Lokitz

Mr Skin's take on Laura Niles in Californication


A film clip of Louise Delamere in Torchwood

Line Rook in Inavouables Desirs

Hilary Duff in concert






Standing on Fishes

Standing on Fishes revolves around a prosthetic vagina that's being built by the confused main character, Caleb (Bradford Tatum), and his misadventures with his girlfriend Erika (Meredith Scott Lynn).


Meredith Scott Lynn