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  • New releases and new TV it is. I didn't finish with the ones I had, but I did a few, and invited a few friends to round off the page, since they were doing the same thing themselves. I also went through "Election", which has no nudity, but plenty of sexual situations. It's a pretty decent movie with a few laughs and some of the grim reality of the education profession. Reese Witherspoon will surprise you with the range of her performance. I found it worth watching just to hear Reese Witherspoon say, over and over again, "fuck me harder, fill me up" in one scene. Too bad they didn't show it. I didn't get to Halloween H20, and don't know if I should bother or not. CNDB doesn't have a review of it.
  • Johnny Web
  • This image was the highlight of my week. Diane Lane without her shirt and looking very sexy under a waterfall with Viggo in "A Walk on the Moon". This is also a very pleasant surprise as a movie. It uses 1969 as a backdrop to show how the social and cultural revolution of the late 60's affected real people with real and largely unarticulated longings for change. It is completely believable - a real rarity in American movies. No bizarre coincidences, no artificial resolutions. It does have kind of a happy ending, but a realistic one. All the characters, situations, and dialogue are real. I was very impressed with the script as well as with the acting. It isn't a movie of grand sweep, but it's good, much better than the two stars Ebert gave it. Liev Schreiber, in particular, could be considered an Oscar-caliber nominee as the cuckolded husband.
  • One more of Lane. This time she is at Woodstock and her body is partially painted.
  • Miscellaneous hippie nudity. The summer of 1969 packed a tremendous amount of epochal and newsworthy significance into a couple of weeks. The moon landing delivered the first punch, and Woodstock followed shortly thereafter. Both events, in their way, marked beginnings and endings. Those few weeks are probably the most vivid memories in my long-term memory, except for the JFK assassination.
  • Razor Blade Smile is sort of the British equivalent of El Mariachi. It was made with a budget of $20,000, but made it to some front line theaters and now even to DVD. It's a vampire movie, and a reasonably good one. It enjoys debunking some of the vampire myths, while at the same time asking "if there really were vampires, how would they pay the bills?" One option- work as a contract killer. The plot is reasonably intricate, with a couple of pleasant if unremarkable surprises, and the acting is far better than the level usually present in these no-budget flicks. (When your budget is $20,000, Streep and Branagh are out of your reach anyway.) I'll summarize it for you with one of those good/bad news paradigms. The good news is that it is as good a movie as can be made for $20,000. The bad news is the same. This is Eileen Daly.
  • Daly
  • Daly
  • Daly
  • Daly
  • Emily Bergl in "The Rage, Carrie 2". Is that really her butt? I don't know.
  • Patricia Arquette in "Goodbye Lover". The following collages are just teases (albeit good teases), but I think this image, specifically the frame on the bottom right, actually has some aureola slippage.
  • Arquette
  • Arquette
  • Mary-Louise Parker in "Goodbye Lover". This is the scene where her breast was completely exposed.
  • Mary-Louise Parker in "Goodbye Lover", seen here braless and sexy.
  • Mary-Louise Parker in "Goodbye Lover". The side of her hip is visible here. Although she was wearing panties, the issusion of nudity is compelling.
  • Mary-Louise Parker in "Goodbye Lover". Hard to say if this is really her butt.
  • Helcrom also did a new one of Parker.
  • Tuna
  • These may not be new releases, but they are pretty much all new to vidcaps. Except for these introductory remarks, all the commentary in Tuna's section is Tuna's own, not mine. "First, Barbara Leigh-Hunt from Sir Alfred Hitchcock's story of the Londonnecktie murders."
  • Lorraine Pilkington in the Irish film Last of the High Kings. The American version of this film is entitled "Summer Fling." I prefer the original Irish title. While it is a coming of age story, it is a far cry from the typical bikinis-and-beer-at-the-beach story that the title would lead you to suspect. Lorraine Pilkington has appeared in 9 films since her debut in 1991, and has looks and talent enough to be a huge success..
  • In my quest to find projects that not everyone has done, I watch a lot of bad films. Occasionally, I discover a real gem. Camila is one of the gems. It tells the true story of a wealthy, young, intelligent and educated socialite and her Jesuit confessor who have an illicit affair in mid-nineteenth century Buenos Aires. This causes huge political problems for both the Jesuit order, and the dictator government. Eventually, they are caught and sent to the firing squad.

    This is more than a tragic love story. It gives penetrating insight into the culture, morals and oppression in mid-nineteenth century Argentina.

    Brazilian actress Susu Pecoraro is a veteran of 10 films, and is as talented as she is beautiful. Camila was nominated for an Oscar for best foreign film of 1984. The film is largely photographed with candle lighting, and is very grainy, so the images are not the best I have produced lately, but I think the scarcity of the material and the importance of the film more than make up for it..

  • Tia Carrere from My Teacher's Wife. I almost got sucked in by the doubles nudity here. A mildly amusing coming of age story. A Harvard bound high-schooler starts having trouble in Calculus. He hires an attractive female tutor, improves his grades and scores, then finds out she is married to his math teacher..
  • ... and ...
  • Graphic Response is back after a long absence, with Rae Dawn Chong in "Boulevard".
  • Julie Warner got her butt naked on Monday's "Family Law".
  • Slarti
  • New German releases and/or new to TV. Liane Forestieri in "Die Blendung'
  • Doreen Jacobi in "Singlefalle".
  • Jacobi.
  • Clelia Sarto in "No Sex".