TV Round-Up

The final episode (e10) of The White Queen turned out to be a lot more interesting on Starz than it was on BBC. There was an unexpected nude scene from Freya Mavor, who may continue in the role of Elizabeth of York (Hank Ocho's mom) if Starz decides to produce The White Princess, as adapted from the most recent book by Philippa Gregory, the same author who wrote "The White Queen" and several other historic novels ("The Red Queen," "The Lady of the Rivers," "The Kingmaker's Daughter") which together formed the basis of The White Queen TV series.

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Catch the deluxe the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



Aesthete's current series: season three of the U.S. version in 1920x1080

Today: s3e3

Note: the .zip files are mislabeled, but when unzipped will return the correct file!

Emma Greenwell

Stephanie Fantauzzi



Johnny's comments:

"Saw the remake of Patrick yesterday in cinemas, so with the Bluray of the original just released, good time for an update.

And as I predicted 2 and 1/2 years ago, the Patrick remake just isn't as good, in fact the first half is near infuriating with so many false jump scares that it for one ten minute stretch, it becomes comical with one jump scare leading to another, leading to another into another. The Patrick remake works best when it sticks close to the original's plot, but has none of the eccentric weirdness and shamelessly Hitchcockian style of the original, it's all very generic. Also, the remake take that one extremely (but brief) odd bit of the original where the doctor friend tells the lead nurse Kathy to check the comatose Patrick's erection and completely blows it out of proportion. Same with the spitting. Charles Dance does a pretty good job as the Dr. Frankenstein like doctor and Sharni Vinson is alright, but Rachel Griffiths is given nothing to do except scowl until her character dies (Julia Blake is so much better in the same role in the original). Rod Mullinar is the only actor that comes back from the original although the woman who play's Patrick's mother in the original is also briefly in it, although I don't remember her. It's a misfire, but because the original is so eccentric, it was always going to be hard to recreate.

Now what you're here for, the nudity. Well, none from Sharni Vinson, but there are two scenes where a nude body double are used, one briefly during a sex scene and another in the bath. Cheki Guillou is credited as her double. Also, the scene where Patrick kills his mother and her lover is recreated, this time with Simone Buchanan in the role and she shows her breasts and then briefly full frontal nudity and possibly again in the bath while getting electrocuted. I think this is Simone's first on screen nudity (correct me if I'm wrong) and she's looking very good and is a great surprise considering she's best known for her child actor day's and of course Hey Dad! There is also nudity (breasts) from some comatose patients at a few different times, not sure who they are or if they were credited at all. I think that's it."

On to the classic version:

Susan Penhaligon film clip (sample below). According to IMDb, Susan had quite a hiatus between this and her next film, which was in 2008!

Susan Penhaligon HD captures (zip file)

Helen Hemingway film clip (sample below)

Helen Hemingway HD captures (zip file)

Carole Ann Aylett
film clip (sample below)


Embrace of the Vampire

(2013 video)

Remake of nudie classic.

Kaniehtiio Horn: very nice topless. She used to be in standard Canadian productions but managed to get more outside parts in the USA and Europe by regularly taking off her top.

Unite 9

(le s2e09)

Eve Landry: topless lesbian scene with Anne Casabonne who's wearing a really gross double mastectomy boob prosthetic.


episode: "Money"

Brittany Allen: cleavage



Denise Measor: sex as stripper.

strippers: lapdancers take off their tops but shown from behind.

"Lost Girl"

(season 4 promo)

New season starts November 10.

Linzee Barclay: she has a semi-regular role as a lesbian handmaiden and is shown in bed with Anna Silk on your left.

BONUS: Linzee takes off her blouse in vimeo video but shown from shoulders up.



Kendra Anderson: flashing a full boob on Showcase prime time.


(2012; promo)

Comedy horror about a female werewolf.

Tamera Lay: bikini.



Recent Montreal comedy horror.

various: sexy with a topless corpse/dummy.

Sibylle Gauthier: sex as blonde.

BONUS: Sibylle Gauthier in bikini.

Under the Bridge of Fear

(trailer for 2013 short)

Short featuring many burlesque strippers.

strippers: topless with pasties.

Angel Without Wings

(2011 short)

Christina Sadeh: sexy.


"Coming Out"

 (le web series)

Quebec web series about gays and lesbians.

Ansia Wilscam-Desjardins: fully clothed sex.

Being Human

(2010 short)

US short having nothing to do with the cable horror series.

Michelle Slezak: brassiere, sex under sheets.



US comedy web series.

Maite Schwartz: partial boob in opening sex scene.

Rachel Sterling: bikini.


"Motives and Murders"

episode: "Not Again"

This is from the makers of the Cold Blood true crime series but has been renamed because of the rapidly emerging murder-porn market on ID4.

Amanda Juhl: implied nude as rape victim.

Jennifer Morris: panties as abused wife.

To be naked or not to be, that is the question

Umpteenth stage presentation of Shakespeare's Hamlet

NOT to be, that is the answer

Tara Nicodermo: in skivvies with Michael McManus from Lexx.

Last but not least...

Andrea Stefancikova: full nude modeling photo.

TV/Film Clips

Gitte Witt in others in an explicit new Norwegian offering, Pornopung (2013)

Kacey Barnfield in Green Street 3: Never Back Down (2013) in 1080p

another look at Juliette Binoche in Camille Claudel 1915 (2013), this time in 1080p

Eleonora Giorgi and others in Story of a Cloistered Nun (1973)


Sky Ferreira in the album cover art for Night Time My Time