TV Round-Up

Oops! I think I prematurely ended the season for Boss last week. There was another episode last night (s2e10), and it featured some 720p nudity from Connie Nielsen. Sorta. There's a good look at her butt in a thong. She's also topless, but the scene is blocked and edited to hide her nipples.

There have been three different versions of the premiere episode of Hunted. The version televised in the  UK and the version on the website, although different, display no nudity. The Cinemax version, however, is pretty hot, with some T&A from Melissa George in 1080p.

The second season of American Horror Story has kicked off with a bang. There's a sexy scene from Jenna Dewan, and some nudity from Lily Rabe and Britne Oldford, all in 1080p.




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"True Blood"

Season three (2010)


Episode 10

Lindsay Pulsipher


Mean Mother


Marilyn Joi

Robyn Hilton


Continuing the Spanish theme, this time with movies from this century.

Part 3 of 3

7th day

Elia Galera is naked in 7th day (2004) but nothing is visible.

Eulalia Ramon,

Lilla Annechino

and an unidentified woman are partially dressed.

53 Winter Days

Aina Clotet is topless in 53 Winter Days (2006).

The Best of Me

The Best of Me (2007) shows Nausica Bonnin's breasts

and Marian Alvarez is in her underwear.

Black Butterfly

Magdyel Ugaz

and Melania Urbania are showing lots of cleavage in Black Butterfly aka Mariposa negra (2006).

Broken Embraces

The very sexy Penélope Cruz

and Kira Miró are both topless in Broken Embraces aka Los abrazos rotos (2009).


Captain Alatriste

Captain Alatriste (2006) has a topless Elena Anaya.

Chaotic Ana

Manuela Velles  is naked in Chaotic Ana aka Caótica Ana (2007) for a lot of the time.


darkbluealmostblack aka Azuloscurocasinegro (2006) has Eva Pallares

and Marta Etura both topless.

Ferpect Crime

Kira Miró is topless in Ferpect Crime aka Crimen ferpecto (2004),

as is Penélope Velasco.

Monica Cervera is in her underwear

and Montserrat Mostaza shows a bit of cleavage.

Habana Blues

Amalia Hornero shows the lot in Habana Blues (2005).

Marta Calvo

and Yailene Sierra are both topless.

Night of the Sunflowers

Amalia Hornero is completely naked in Night of the Sunflowers aka La noche de los girasoles (2006)

and Judith Diakhate bares her butt.


Barbara Lennie is topless in Obaba (2005).


Candela Peña shows a bit of bush in Princesses aka Princesas (2005).

Sandra Nonnast

and some not identified are all topless.


[REC] (2007) shows an unidentified woman topless, although what you can see is debatable.

Salvador (Puig Antich)

Ingrid Rubio flashes her breasts in Salvador (Puig Antich) (2006).

Summer Clouds

Summer Clouds (2004) has Irene Montala starkers.

Natalia Millan does the hands over breasts trick.


Timecrimes (2007) shows Barbara Goenaga topless.

Film/TV Clips

Amelia Jackson-Gray in The Campaign (2012) in 720p

From Circle (2010):

America Olivo

and Tally Hunkins


Aura Cristina Geithner and Adriana Da Silva in Mar de Fondo (2012)

Joanna Krupa running around Miami, more or less topless

Elizabeth Banks