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Night of 1,000 Sexes


Mil Sexos Tiene la Noche is a Spanish horrotica offering directed by Jess Franco and starring his significant other and frequent leading lady, Lina Romay.

Lina and a partner have a nightclub mentalist act, where she is hypnotized, then is able to tell what he is holding in his hand. Each night, she has sex with someone, then kills the man in the room with a knife. Note that the sex is not always with a man, but it is only men that she ventilates with the knife. She wants to believe these are bad dreams, but it is hard for her to rationalize being covered in blood, and having a bloody knife when she becomes conscious.

The pace is leisurely. One viewer described it as hypnotic, rather than erotic, but all in all, Jess was in rare form on this film, which deserves a tip of the hat for some of the camera work. Of course, Franco made his usual use of the zoom, but he also did some very clever things with selectively focusing and unfocusing, and dissolving from scene to scene. He also made good use of his surroundings as filler footage and employed some nice jazz numbers in the nightclub scenes. (Franco is a huge jazz fan and a composer himself.)

It is available in an all-region DVD in Spanish from There are no subtitles, but to my knowledge, this film has never been available in an English language DVD, and it's light on dialogue anyway, so it is not difficult to figure out what is going on.

12 IMDb readers say 5.2.

Mil Sexos Tiene La Noche

Lina Romay and two unknowns show everything.

There is also full frontal male nudity from Daniel Katz.


Lina Romay









Mustang Sally's Horror House


With six horny guys heading off for a brothel you kind of think "here's one with a ton of nudity."


This one just teases us a little bit.


Alycen Malone with a quick flash of boob.

Dana Fares with a far off view of her right tit.

Deidre Cannon with some breast exposure.


Joni Kempner is very well endowed, but she keeps them hidden in her bra. She has great legs.

Lindsey Labrum a brief bit of nipple.






Notes and collages


Una Damon and Shannen Doherty, Season 3, Episode 13




(No collages from Episode 12)






A film clip of Jamie Lee Curtis in Grandview USA. (VHS quality)

Two film clips of Reese Witherspoon in Twilight. Have a good look, because I got a feelin' we won't be seein' them puppies again.

Several film clips of Jane Fonda in Coming Home

Uma Thurman out and about

Deborah Caprioglio in Paganini

The latest from Dragonscan

Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway
Natalia Avelon in Eight Miles High
Priscilla Barnes in The Crossing Guard
Maria Bello in The Cooler
Julie Delarme in Mademoiselle Else
Beau Garrett in Turistas
Gretchen Mol in Forever Mine
Lohan side-boob
Michelle Ryan






The Last Sect

Sydney (Natalie Brown) gets intrigued by a new online dating service and since she hasn't dated anyone for several years, she decides to sign up. What she doesn't know is that the dating service is run by a pack of female vampires led by Anna (Deborah Odell), who will do anything to make Sydney one of them. Her only hope now is to be saved by the vampire hunter Van Helsing (David Carradine).



Deborah Odell


Natalie Brown