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1. Include Your Children When Baking Cookies 
2. Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Experts Say 
3. Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers 
4. Drunks Get Nine Months in Violin Case 
5. Iraqi Head Seeks Arms
6. Is There a Ring of Debris around Uranus? 
7. Prostitutes Appeal to Pope
8. Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over 
9. British Left Waffles on Falkland Islands 
10. Teacher Strikes Idle Kids
11. Clinton Wins Budget; More Lies Ahead 
12. Plane Too Close to Ground, Crash Probe Told 
13. Miners Refuse to Work After Death 
14. Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant 
15. Stolen Painting Found by Tree 
16. Two Sisters Reunited after 18 Years in Checkout Counter
17. War Dims Hope for Peace
18. If Strike Isn't Settled Quickly, It May Last a While 
19. Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide 
20. Man Struck by Lightning Faces Battery Charge 
21. New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group 
22. Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Space 
23. Kids Make Nutritious Snacks
24. Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half
  • I believe these are the best captures Tuna has ever done, and I think they are probably the best I've seen from of Gwyneth in "Shakespeare in Love". Very nice material, don't miss it, obviously a labor of love for Tuna. Oh, hey, I get to use my joke now. I almost forgot. These caps are by Tuna in a movie about the making of Romeo and Juliet. Therefore, Romeo and Juliet are his "star-kis't lovers". OK, now it's out of my system. Sorry, Charlie. They are all excellent, but this first capture is especially clear and beautiful.
  • Gwyneth, "Shakespeare in Love"
  • Gwyneth, "Shakespeare in Love"
  • Gwyneth, "Shakespeare in Love"
  • Gwyneth, "Shakespeare in Love"
  • Gwyneth, "Shakespeare in Love"
  • Gwyneth, "Shakespeare in Love"
  • Gwyneth, "Shakespeare in Love"
  • Blinky, the Three-Eyed Fish
  • Quite a few women on Blinky's runway today, beginning with Bridget Hall
  • Bridget Hall
  • Bridget Hall
  • Nadja Auermann
  • Nadja Auermann
  • Nadja Auermann
  • Nieves Alvarez
  • Nieves Alvarez
  • Shalom Harlow
  • Shalom Harlow
  • Esther Canadas
  • The Snapper
  • And speaking of models, Snapper is back, after some R&R, with these scans from "Models' Manual" from photographer Arthur Elgort. Here's Jeny Howarth
  • ... and Susan Hess
  • Jimmy the Saint
  • Lisa Martino in "PJ (Heroine)"
  • Julia Bogard in "PJ (Heroine)"
  • Gina Bellman in "Black Eyes"
  • Gina Bellman in "Black Eyes"
  • Gina Bellman in "Black Eyes"
  • Remer
  • Renee Humphrey in The Sex Monster. Surprisingly, these 'caps from Remer are the only ones I've seen so far from this show.
  • Remer breaks the censor's code. "Tracey" on Howard Stern!
  • ICMS
  • Hello dear Scoopy ! This week's project is the 1974 French film Contes immoraux ( Immoral tales ). It's a movie by Walerian Borowczyk consisting out of four episodes set in four different eras and apparently based on the work of marquis de Sade. In this contribution I'll deal with episodes 1, 2 and 4. The third episode featuring Paloma Picasso is still to follow later this week ( I divided it because I made more vidcaps than originally intended ). Here's Episode 1. La Marée ( the flood ), 1974 : probably the least interesting episode. On a beach in Normandy André teaches his cousin, played by Lise Danvers, the carnal lust on the rhythm of the waves. André wasn't a very friendly guy in the movie.
  • Episode 2. Thérèse Philosophe, 1890 : the text on the collages reads :"the inhabitants of our region demand the beatification of Thérèse H., the pious young girl shamelessly violated by a vagabond". In reality Thérèse was locked up in the attic by her aunt with some cucumbers to satisfy her appetite. Since I saw this scene I'm not very sure anymore about the real meaning of the English expression 'as cool as a cucumber'! Charlotte Alexandra is the actress with the cucumber.
  • More produce-related activity.
  • Episode 4. Lucrezia Borgia, 1498 : "Lucrezia Borgia, accompanied by her husband, visits her Dad, pope Alexander VI (!) and her brother cardinal Cesare Borgia. The Dominican Hyeronimo Savonarola denounces the debauched life in the ecclesiastic midst". Now here is an interesting episode based on reality! This is not the sick imagination of a pornographer, no it is the truth. This really happened. Lucrezia Borgia bedded her father, the pope of all people, and her brother simply to get her way. The pope didn't have any moral objections against his daughter's actions! Here we see her on the Holy Chair wearing the papal tiara,
  • .... on an altar
  • ... and finally we have a nice picture of the happy family together, a bit tired but satisfied as it seems. Let me once more remind you that these things really happened in the Borgia family who ruled the Vatican in those days ! Florence Bellamy is the pope's daughter in this movie.That's it for now, episode 3 will follow in a few days. I hope episode 4 isn't too hot for the Fun House. Yours faithfully, ICMS
  • FR
  • Nickley Langly from FR. It's another one of those odd looking women in that period soap opera "Boerenkrijg". Might be the ugliest woman in the world. Either that or it's Benny Hill with false knockers.
  • Verona Feldbusch cleavage. As talk show hosts go, she's a lot easier on the eyes than Rosie.
  • Fr and Catcaps team up again in capture Sherilyn Fenn in "Two Moon Junction"
  • Magwolf
  • More from Clockwork Orange>Beautiful and clear captures.
  • More from Clockwork Orange
  • The Night
  • Natasha Henstridge in "Species"
  • Natasha Henstridge in "Species"
  • Natasha Henstridge in "Species"
  • Natasha Henstridge in "Species"
  • Natasha Henstridge in "Species"
  • Various
  • Hugo's new caps of Jolie in "Pushing Tin"
  • New Batesscan of Casta in a see-through
  • One more of Casta - topless, but the nipples hidden in shadow.
  • Here's that strange picture of Elizabeth Berkley sticking her crotch into the reeds. What is this picture all about?
  • new Crow collage of Sunny
  • Rookie's caps of Jeri Ryan on Star Trek Voyager last week.
  • A famous TV moment: Sharon Lawrence and Dennis Franz on "NYPD Blue". Man, that's one cute butt. Sharon's isn't bad either.
  • Clarissa, the Viennese DJ, from Slarti.
  • Slarti's Christianne Hagemann in "Die Rotemeile"