TV Round-Up


In one of the shows this week, Naked News ran a "from the vault" segment which featured Victoria Sinclair way back in November of 2000. The segment was part of a farewell tribute to the now-departed grand dame of Naked News.

Rachel Korine's breasts made an appearance in Friday's episode of The Knick (s1e10) in 720p

Erica Ash showed a blurry butt in last night's Survivors Remorse (s1e3) in 720p

Marie Sambourg's breasts appeared in Une famille formidable (s1e2) in 1080hd

Lovely Stephanie Crayencour appeared topless in Les hommes de l'ombre (s2e5) in 1080p

These two episodes from season three of Borgia have not aired yet, so the quality comes from a LQ screener. The good news: we have an advance look. The better news: we have HQ versions to look forward to!

Episode 11: Assumpta Serna

Episode 13: Isolda Dychauk

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season 1


Today: episode nine - part 1 of 2

Ana Alexander

"La Théorie du K.O."

du à la épisode "Titannick" (le s1e06)

Marie-Soleil Dion: topless in very wild sex scene.

Ma Première Fois

(le play; aka "My First Time")

Marie-Soleil Dion: discrete nude in le poster.

Marie-Soleil Dion: discrete nude in le promo.

Nos Derniers Souffles

(2013  short; aka "Our Last Breaths")

Lydia Bouchard: bare back having sex.


Lydia Bouchard: bra and panties from le Facebook.


"Unité 9"

(le tv series; le s3e5)

Catherine-Anne Toupin: another humiliating drug search when she has to drop her panties and squat over toilet.


Alexandra Laverdiere: she's the guard stripped down her brassiere in the previous episode (le s3e04).

Alexandra Laverdiere: bikini in le Facebook.

"Republic of Doyle"


Krystin Pellerin: sideboob in her first nude scene of the series.

"Bad Judge"

(series première -s1e1)

Kate Walsh: brassiere having fully clothed sex.

"The Big Bang Theory"

(tv series; s8e5)

Kaley Cuoco: upskirt then bikini top.

Melissa Rauch: some cleavage.


Kaley Cuoco: this photo predates the Fappening. Wearing a Superman costume literally painted on. A comic book nerd wouldn't need x-ray vision to make out her boobs.

Unfortunately, it is a clever fake made by superimposing Kaley's face upon a woman who looks similar (see below).


"Strange Empire"

(tv series, s1e02)

Cara Gee: side boob showing Tattiawna Jones her goods.

Tattiawna Jones: cleavage.

April Telek: cleavage.

Melissa Farman: skirt partially pulled down after rape attempt.

Anja Savcic: bloomers taking bath.



Victoria Pratt: still very sexy.


season two, DVD boxset

In episode (s2e08) the DVD version is not as dark, revealing more nudity.

Christine Ebadi: stunt babe shows partial boob and butt.


"Surviving Evil"

(tv series, season one)

Murder-porn from the Discovery ID4 network and repeated on Oprah's Oompa Loompa network.

Kristine Wilson: bikini bottoms.

Nancy Gray: bikini.

Jemima Sutherland: bra and panties.

Lori Williams: brassiere.

Katarina Duma: partial nude in shower.

Last but not least...

Tricia Collins: nude from behind in her demo reel.

TV and Film Clips

We had previously heard that all the actual porno shots in Nymphomaniac had been done as inserts by doubles for Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stacy Martin. The "Director's Cut" makes it clear that the main actresses also got a multitude of orifices violated on camera.

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Stacy Martin

Victoria Abril

In the October 4th and October 18th editions, we paid tribute to Victoria Abril's nude scenes in the 1970s and 80s. We presented scenes from 18 films and were able to establish that we are missing at least four other films in which Victoria is known to have a nude scene.

One of the missing films is 1988's Asa dans la jungle. We still have no clip from that film, but Oz was able to locate a collage done by someone else many years ago. (Based on the familiar style, we think the imager is Little Chicken).

Various Pics/Collages

I just love this picture of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Here's an upgrade.