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"True Blood"

Season three (2012)


Episode 9

Anna Paquin

Kate Luyben

Tiffany Taylor


American Crime


Amy Arce

Anabella Sciorra

Cyia Batten

Julie Cialini



Continuing the Spanish theme, this time with movies from this century.

Part 2 of 3

Between Living and Dreaming

Plenty of nakedness in Between Living and Dreaming (2004), particularly by:

Duna Jové,

Maria Lanau

and Tanit Salvador.

Carmen Maura,

Marta Etura,

Soledad Silveyra

and unidentified women are partially dressed.

Fat People

Lots of nudity in Fat People aka Gordos (2009), some not so pleasant. The women are:

 Leticia Herrero,

Maria Morales,

Marta Jurado,

Pilar Castro,

Tamara Moreno,

Teté Delgado

and Verónica Sanchez.


Assumpta Serna,

Carla Nieto

and Judit Uriach are all topless in Trash (2009),

as are a number of unidentified women.

Nuria Prims

and Virginia Roman are both interesting.



Excision is a drama about a teenage girl Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord) who is having strange erotic dreams involving death, possibly fueled by her obsession of becoming a surgeon. Pauline is part of an average dysfunctional suburban family including her uptight, control freak mother (Traci Lords), henpecked father (Roger Bart) and sister Grace (Ariel Winter) who seems to get most of the attention as she is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis and also does what her mother wants. Pauline attempts to be 'normal', but her erotic fantasies are taking over. She attempts to lose her virginity with Adam (Jeremy Sumpter), boyfriend of a popular girl she hates, but even that is taken over by her fantasies. As she goes over to the dark side, she gets expelled from school and then hatches a plan that is so shocking, it will change everything.

Hard film to describe the plot of because it is fueled by Pauline's very disturbing fantasies, but Excision is a darkly humourous gem of a film about a typical suburban family that will be pushed to the edge. Both AnnaLynne McCord and Traci Lords are superb in their respective roles, both surprisingly so as neither had shown they could act that well. Let's face it, your enjoyment of the film will depend on how you can handle the erotic death fantasies (most of which are below), so you've been warned, this film ain't for the squeamish.

Anna Lynne McCord (no nudity from AnnaLynne, but some from background women)

Film/TV Clips

Leelee Sobieski (non-nude) in Branded (2012)

Andrea Thompson in season five of NYPD Blue


Kea Kaing in Les cinq parties du monde (2012)

Kristen Valinch in That's My Boy (2012)

Joy Boushel in Terror Train (1980)