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"True Blood"

continuing with s1e6


Film clips of the nude debut of Anna Paquin (samples below)

Film clips of Danielle James (samples below)



Mondo Topless

Darlene Grey



Strip Fights


(Jeanne Basone. You may remember her from G.L.O.W.)



Snake Island

Dawn Mathews

The Last Day

Melanie Laurent





Johnny's comments:

Fragment is about a war photographer who gets hit in the head by a piece of radioactive shrapnel, which gets embedded in his brain. A doctor predicts that he has not long to live, so he spends his last days roaming around Sydney with his camera, while a pretty young girl films a documentary of his final days. The man has a couple of experiences where he photographs dead animals that miraculously come back to life. Meanwhile across town, police shoot dead a particularly nasty serial killer (boringly titled the DVD Killer. Police should get someone creative to name these crooks...), where a stash of his snuff films are found. The photographer moves into a new apartment that may have been inhabited by someone who is now missing and when he accidentally discovers a bloodied DVD, it becomes more clear. It's another snuff film from the serial killer that was filmed in his apartment. Using his trusty camera, he photographs the girl on the DVD and as before, the woman comes alive. But, so does the nasty serial killer and guess who wants to keep on killing. So, is the photographer going completely crazy and imagining this or is this oh so very real. Imaginative horror thriller that is probably a decent director away from been superb, but is very watchable (and particularly nasty) nonetheless.

Scoop's note:

This is such a monumental effort and the files are so large that I split the project up. Today we have the second batch from Bree Robertson. There's still MUCH more Robertson to come!


Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet


Johnny's comments:

Blood Night is a B-horror film about a group of popular students who have a party on 'Blood Night', an annual celebration in honour of Mary Hatchet who butchered up numerous people in a mental asylum because they stole her baby. During the party, the usual stuff happens and then of course the killing starts and boy are a lot people gonna get butchered, each more gory than the last. Has Mary Hatchet risen from the grave or is it someone else, perhaps a relative that has had that killing gene passed on. Wasn't a fan of the film at all, in fact the lost me about 20 minutes in when it introduced the characters and all of them are unlikable arseholes. Couldn't get to the butchering quick enough, except it takes forever to kill these arseholes off. And the killer couldn't be more obvious and least likely. I mean when Mary goes crazy after getting her first period, you're guaranteed that the killer is a girl, how 'bout making it the smallest one that takes forever to swing a pick. Couldn't someone fight back? Shit, when someone finally does, she is killed real easy. Bah! Again, you know the procedure, it gets ugly, so be warned.

Here are the film clips of Samantha Facchi (Collages below)



The sexy, but ineffectual Russian spy Anna Chapman

More Kelly Brook

K.D. Aubert in Surfer, Dude (DVD features)

Jacqueline Bisset (not naked) in The Greek Tycoon

Marilu Tolo in The Greek Tycoon


Lisa Snowdon

Miriam McDonald in Poison Ivy 4 (Little Degrassi girl all grow'd up)


Shawna Waldron in Poison Ivy 4



Rachel Hunter in Two Shades of Blue

The women of Mentiras y Gordas (samples to the right of the clips)