I had a woman over last night and after watching a bit of Californication she asked, "Didn't Duchovny used to be a legit actor? When did he start doing soft porn."

I explained that I really like Californication because it not only features really hot chicks naked, but it is written by people who love dirty talk, have a sense of humor, and have actually read some books which contain hard words. To my way of thinking, that combination creates the ideal breeding ground for entertainment.

This episode features the spectacular boobs of Eva Amurri again, and some other topless chicks whose identities seem somehow less important than Eva's. Video here, HD caps below

Scoopy's Mystery Quiz Movie

Quick, name a movie that features a bunch of gunslingers who all gather in a small town for the ultimate showdown to the death, winner-take-all.

Here's the hard part: it's not The Quick and the Dead.

The movie I'm talking about here is called The Tournament, and it takes place in the England of today, not in the American Wild West. This time the gunslingers are professional hit men rather than cowpokes, but apart from that it's basically The Quick and the Dead revisited with modern technology.

The only thing this story and its characters have in common with life is that the film is mindless, brutish and short. I can, however, recommend the stunts and the explosions. Things get blowed up good.

There is really no review necessary of you watch this clip of a shoot-out in a strip club. After you watch it, you'll know exactly whether you will like the movie because the rest of the film is also just like that, except without the tits.



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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Biddy Hodson film clips

Caps below


Catherine McCormick film clips

Caps below






As season 4 begins, Deep at Sea looks back at the Blu-Rays from the first three seasons

Today: Julie Benz in season 2, episode 1



"Poltergeist, The Legacy"

seasons 3 and 4

The syndicated episodes had the life sucked out them with nude sex scenes re-shot with fully clothed sex or just plain cropped out if not removed all together.

Crystal Chapple: butt and bra and panties in episode "Dream Lover"

Kristin Lehman: sex scene in "The Prodigy"

Helen Shaver: pokies in "Stolen Hearts"

Tamara Gorski: partial boob in "Boyd and Soul"



"Being Erica"

season 2

First four episodes.

Erin Karpluk: flashing boobs in episode "Mama Mia"

Erin Karpluk: brassiere in "Cultural Revolution"

Sarain Boylan: cleavage in "Being Dr. Tom"

Alexandria Benoit: bathing suit in "Battle Royale"

Rebecca Williams: bikini in "Battle Royale"

Vinessa Antoine: sexy in "Mama Mia"

Alex Paxton-Beesley: partial boob in wild sex scene in "Cultural Revolution"

Paula Brancati: sex scene in "Cultural Revolution"




 tv series, season 2 opener

Emilie Ullerup: tight body suit

Christine Chatelain: tight jeans tied up



"Paradise Falls"

season III

Julie Brown: sexy in episode 8 but everything pick up in episode 9

Tammy Isbell: a lot less fat from the previous season

Meredith McGeachie: cleavage

Michelle Latimer: showing off her titty tattoo

Chantal Quesnel: bikini hot tub action

Kim Poirier: topless!



"The Foundation"

(2009 tv series)

Only 5 episode were produced for this series  which is a shame because Rebecca Northan was beginning to show some skin. Here she is seen flashing the cleavage while dry-humping on a car.



"Emily of New Moon"

episode "Too Close to the Sun"

The only nudity for this series and it's from a character from gay Paree, Macha Grenon, running around nekkid as a French girl.


"Howie We Do It"

Kate Steen: boobs almost falling out her costume



Liger trainer

I taped this by chance and found out the lion-tiger crossbreed "liger" are not only giant tame pussies but they like to get wet as well. Here's a liger trainer in a bikini.





There is a history of horror flicks about "babies from hell". Rosemary's Baby is one of the more well known of the genre. Some are better than others, but this effort is fairly disappointing.

Madeline (Jordan Ladd) and her husband try for three years to have a baby, and in the process, she loses two during pregnancy. Finally, it appears she'll bring one to term, when once again, tragedy strikes. Still a few weeks from her delivery date, she and her husband are run off of the road by an impatient driver. He is killed, and she is seriously injured.

Madeline recovers, but tests show the baby is dead. Grief-stricken, she insists on carrying it until delivery, but after delivery, the baby is not dead as expected but quite alive. And very, very hungry.

The plot isn't bad, and the actors did their best, but the screenplay dragged terribly, and even the climatic moments were dull. All and all, this one definitely falls into the "close but no cigar" category. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.


Jordan Ladd


Julia Anderson in Road to Victory

Courtney Bell (accompanying Jiji Hise) in Horror in the Wind

JiJi Hise (accompanying) Courttney Bell in Horror in the Wind

Perhaps the most famous picture of Cindy Crawford

Heather Graham in Killing Me Softly

Melissa George in Dark City

Kim Poirier in Paradise Falls, s3, e9


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