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One more ID from Masters of Sex this week (s4e6):

The head of the nudist colony (clips in yesterday's edition) was played by Elise Robertson


There was plenty of erotica and nudity on Shameless (s7e3) from Ruby Modine, Isidora Goreshter, Shanola Hampton, Arden Myrin and Mary E. Kennedy.






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Dead Bait

2016, 1920x1080


This week, movies from 2005:

The Devil's Rejects

The Devil's Rejects (2005) has lots on show by a large number of women, including:

Deborah Van Valkenburgh


Ginger Lynn Allen

Jessica Helmer

Juanita Guzman

Kate Norby

Leslie Easterbrook

Priscilla Barnes

Sheri Moon

A Few Not Identified



Johnny's remarks:

Nerve is a thriller about a timid high school student Vee (Emma Roberts) who lives in the shadow of her best friend Sydney (Emily Meade). Sydney's new thing is an online game called Nerve which gives the participant dares to do for money and status in the game. She suggests that Vee should break the shackles and join the game, but she is too reluctant until Vee is rejected by the boy she likes and with her ex-boyfriend Tommy (Miles Heizer), she starts the game. During the first dare she meets Ian (Dave Franco) and they soon pair up in the game with the dares becoming more and more adventurous and then it gets serious when the two complete a dare of riding a motorbike at 60mph while Ian is blindfolded. Both Vee and Ian move up into the lead, closely followed by Ty (Colson Baker), a daredevil competitor who very much wants the top spot. Vee's success in the game infuriates Sydney as she isn't the centre of attention so she joins the game, but fails the dare because of her fear of heights. Vee and Ian come to the party at Sydney's house and Vee and Sydney get into a big fight, which is egged on by Ian as part of a dare. Vee has had enough of the game and what it is doing to her and her friends and tells a police officer, a big no-no and she must suffer the consequences of her snitching. Vee is given a lifeline, but the consequences are possibly dire and she going to need all the help she can get including from Tommy who attempts to shut the game down.

Not the greatest movie and more than a little silly, but a fairly fun movie nonetheless. You could do a lot worse than this. Also, Emma and Emily playing friends again in a movie like they did 6 years ago in Twelve, bizarrely playing characters younger than they were in that movie...

Emily Meade 1080hd film clip (collage below)

Film and TV Clips

Julian Wells, Jillian Leigh and Christina Gooding in Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends (2016)




Jane Fonda in Coming Home (1978) in 1080hd


Kendall Jenner

Maitland Ward

Natalie Portman (2004)