Naked Onstage

Valentina Fedotova was naked as Margarita in a 1986 production of the famous Russian dissident work The Master and Margarita. You can find her list of stage credits here.

TV Recap

There was some nudity in Blunt Talk, but it was just random women swimming topless at a party

I didn't get to Survivor's Remorse, but I'll cover it tomorrow if there's anything to report.


The following features come from the October 16th edition of Naked News

Kayla auditioned

Eila Adams hosted the Hollywood XPress


The women of season two of Sex and Violence

Jackie Torrens in episodes 1 and 6

Riley Raymer in episodes 1 and 6

Carolyn Thomas in episode 3

Kim Parkhill in episode 2

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Stacy Martin
There are eight film clips of Stacy, represented by eight collages. The collages correspond to the descriptions of the clips.
Here is clip #8, the longest one

Here are clips #2 and #5, two other large ones

Here are the other clips

Sophie Kennedy Clark

TV/Film Clips

Mindy Robinson in Bikini Model Academy (2015) in 1080hd


Aisha Tyler

Emily Blunt in Henry VIII

the women of Mad Max

Chanel Iman

Sandrine Holt