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McVicar (1980) is a British movie with the nudity coming from Georgina Hale.

She flashes her butt with a bit of side boobage,

Cheryl Campbell is down to her underwear.



RV - Runaway Vacation

No nudity in RV - Runaway Vacation (2006) but Kristin Chenoweth shows some lovely cleavage.



The Great Waldo Pepper

There's no nudity in The Great Waldo Pepper (1975) either but Susan Sarandon's dress flies up in the wind.



The Animal

Some nice pokies by Colleen Haskell in The Animal (2001)

and Morisa Taylor Kaplan shows some lovely cleavage.



The Method

There's a brief nipple flash by Najwa Nimri in Spanish movie The Method aka El Método (2005).



The Dark Sea

From Italy comes The Dark Sea aka Mare Nero (2006). Andrea Osvart is completely naked

Anna Mouglalis,

Rossella D'Andrea

and some unidentified women are topless.



The Night Before Exams

Also from Italy comes the teen flick The Night Before Exams aka Notte prima degli esami (2006).

Cristiana Capotondi is topless.

Enrica Ajo,

Eleonora Ceci,

Chiara Mastalli

and Elena Bouryka are looking good.




Plenty of nudity in the Dutch movie Simon (2004).

Rifka Lodeizen,

Nadja Hüpscher,

Maria Kooistra,

Helena Remeijers,

Eva Duijvestein

and some unidentified women are all topless.



The Erotic Traveler

Today's episode from The Erotic Traveler (2007) is called Object of Desire.

Nina Mercedez,


Kaylani Lei

and Divini Rae are the naked ladies.



Will and Grace

Tonight's caps from the fifth season of Will & Grace.

Episode 1 - And the Horse He Rode In On

Debra Messing - pokies and looking good

Episode 2 - Bacon and Eggs

Debra Messing - pokies

Episode 3 - The Kid Stays Out of the Picture

Debra Messing - lovely cleavage


Episode 4 - Humongous Growth

Debra Messing - cleavage and pokies

Episode 6 - Boardroom and a Parked Place

Debra Messing - cleavage

Episode 7 - The Needle and the Omelet's Done

Debra Messing - looking good

Episode 8 - Marry Me a Little 1

Debra Messing - excellent pokies

Episode 9 - Marry Me a Little More 2

Debra Messing - more excellent pokies

Episode 10 - The Honeymoon's Over

Debra Messing - looking good

Episode 11 - All About Christmas Eve

Debra Messing - looking good

Episode 13 - Fagmalion 1 Gay It Forward

Debra Messing - nice, and in leather

Episode 14 - Fagmalion 2 Attack of the Clones

Debra Messing - nice

Rosanna Arquette - also nice

Episode 15 - Homojo

Debra Messing - cleavage

Minnie Driver - cleavage

Episode 17 - Fagmalion Part Three - Bye, Bye, Beardy

Debra Messing - cleavage and a nice bit of leg

Episode 18 - Fagmalion Part Four - The Guy Who Loved me

Debra Messing - pokies

Episode 19 - Sex, Losers & Videotape

Debra Messing - down to her underwear

Episode 20 - Leo Unwrapped

Debra Messing - pokies

Episode 21 - Dolls and Dolls

Debra Messing - pokies

Episode 23 - 23

Debra Messing - pokies

Minnie Driver - cleavage

Episode 24 - 24

Debra Messing - amazing cleavage

Minnie Driver - cleavage








The Making of the Carousel Girls Calendar


Day 13 of 13

Film clips of Heather, the pneumatic blonde. Collage below

And, finally, a film clip from the show's epilogue







Boxing Helena


Here's another of my favorite actresses: Sherilyn Fenn in "Boxing Helena." Sherilyn shows off the boobs. This woman is soooo sexy. Caps and a clip.

Scoop's note: in case you were not aware of it, this film is more famous for who did NOT star in it than who did. Madonna was the first star attached to it, but she backed out before committing legally. Kim Basinger then agreed to play the part of Helena, but defaulted on her commitment, effectively ending her career and pushing her toward bankruptcy when a jury ruled she had to pay eight million dollars as restitution. The verdict was set aside on appeal, but before that happened Basinger ran up millions in legal fees and PR expenses. Worse for her, producers and directors didn't care about the legal niceties. They basically blackballed her. Kim already had developed a reputation for being "prickly" before the incident, and the additional burden of "undependable" simply torpedoed her, and her phone just stopped ringing. People had some sympathy for her situation, but one simply cannot make movies with people who don't show up after they have agreed to. In the five years from 1995-1999 she got exactly one film role (LA Confidential). By the time she was forgiven, she was 46, too old to play the sorts of roles she became famous for, so she never returned to the A-list status of her glory years.

But when she was at her best, she was spectacularly sexy. Maybe the sexiest woman in the history of cinema. Saddest part of the matter is that Kim was right in her reasons for leaving the project. She may have been right or wrong legally, but there was nothing wrong with her artistic judgment. The film was total shiite. (Rated in the 3s at IMDb).

On the other hand, Sherilyn Fenn was a great choice to replace her. Almost as sexy, younger, prettier, and had nothing to lose.









Body Shots



Tara Reid film clips Samples below.

Emily Procter film clips Samples below.







This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

Today's feature: Irina Solano in The Age of Man






Notes and collages



Part 2 of ?

Amanda Donohoe







enter the DragonScan

Film clip: Julian Wells in Sin Sisters






Young People Fucking


Amazingly, this Canadian comedy is exactly what the title advertises, a comedy about young people fucking. Who says you can't tell a book by its cover? There is a story, however, actually five of them: porn it is not. The story tells of 5 couples who, on the face of it, are simply trying to have sex. Of course, nothing is that simple in life, and neither is it in the movie.

What I liked was that this isn't the standard "rebellious youths having sex" story that most people probably assume by the title. While it's not hilariously funny, it is very amusing and a lot of people will relate to the various situations that the characters encounter.

Sonja Bennett Natalie Lisinska Kristin Booth
Carly Pope   Diora Baird






Film clips from Go Go Tales:

Asia Argento

Bianca Balti







Jennifer Sky on Fastlane. The tiniest bit of butt-crack and side-boob.


Film Clips

Helena af Sandeberg in Kim Novak Never Swam in the Sea of Nazareth. Obscure Swedish coming-of-age movie, dubbed into German. Doesn't matter. Great scene. You don't need any words to understand it.