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The Tunnel is a new crime series starring Clémence Poésy and that dude who plays Stannis Baratheon on Game of Thrones. They play mismatched cops who have to co-operate to solve a crime that involves shared jurisdiction between England and France. Poesy plays a humorless, by-the-book French detective who is a total loner, while Stannis plays a wisecracking, garrulous British family man. The project is a joint effort between France's Canal + and Britain's Sky Atlantic, and includes a great deal of dialogue in both languages.

Here's the premise - a body is found in the service tunnel for the Chunnel, cut in half on the exact spot where it is technically half in England and half in France. Since the victim appears to be a prominent French political activist, the British are happy to cede jurisdiction until the French coroner discovers that the bottom half of the corpse belongs to a different person - a Welsh prostitute. As the investigation proceeds, it turns out that the murderer is taunting the police by playing some kind of evil cat-and-mouse game. Meanwhile, various sub-plots appear to be progressing in ways that intertwine with the main plot, although the precise correlation is not yet apparent.

Two women got nekkid in the first episode:

Catalina Denis showed her bosom and offered a brief glimpse at the holy of holies.

Charlotte Atkinson showed one butt cheek.

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