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"True Blood"

Season three (2012)


Episode 4

Natasha Alam

Jade Tailor


Eye Candy


Part 2 of 2

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(s1e1, 2012)

Rachel Skarsten, 27, born and raised in Toronto, did her first nude scene in episode one of Transporter

Film clip (sample cap below)

First Night


First Night is a light comedy about a rich industrialist Sir Adam (Richard E. Grant) who has a dream to be in a world class opera, but he hasn't the skills. So he produces his own. He employs a bunch of up-and-comers to star and make the opera, but it seems the main reason he did it was so that he can get close to conductor Celia (Sarah Brightman). Director and choreographer Phillip (Oliver Dimsdale) has cast Italian protege Nicoletta (Mía Maestro) and newcomer Tom (Julian Ovenden) who lies his way into the role. At a raucous party, Sir Adam bets Tom that he can't bag Nicoletta and it doesn't take long before that looks like it's happening, but Nicoletta finds out and it threatens to jeopardise the production. Meanwhile, other tête-à-têtes begin between the cast and other people involved in the production. So, will the production actually go ahead without issue?

Yeah, not a fan of opera, or for that matter, the going on behind the scenes, so I didn't think much of the movie, but the nudity from Emma Williams is nice, so it wasn't all torturous...

Emma Williams film clips (collages below)


Film/TV Clips

Here at last is Killer Joe in 1080p with the English sound track

Juno Temple

Gina Gershon



Here's that clip of Chelsea Handler and Sandra Bullock on yesterday's Chelsea Lately



Christine Bottomley in Strawberry Fields (2012)

Camila Velasco in Sudor frio (2010)

Noelia Vergini in Sudor frio (2010)

Claire Wauthion and Chantal Akerman in Je Tu Il Elle (1974)


various actresses in K - Smette fi Fumare (2012)

and behind the scenes during the filming of K - Smette fi Fumare

Salma Hayek - kinda-sorta nude in Americano