It was an incredible night of television nudity:

Boardwalk Empire, s2e4

Gretchen Mol in 720p
(pics below)

and various other actresses (film clip here, sample captures here)

, s3e3

Georgia Hatzis in 720p
, sample below

Kelly Ryan, sample below

How to Make it in America
, s2e3

Lake Bell, sample below


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



 Hell Ride


Part 1

Julia Jones 1080p video (see below)


Baywatch Nights

Baywatch Nights was a spin-off from Baywatch. In the show Mitch Buchannan joined Angie Harmon and began a private detective agency at the beach. The first series was more of the same but they tried a revamp when it came to the second series. It became just plain stupid, in an supernatural sort of way. Unfortunately, the Hoff fighting the weird was just not credible. The show ran concurrently with series 5 and 6 of Baywatch in 1995 to 1997.
These collages are from the first series.
Episode 1 - Pursuit
Carol Alt - pokies

Lisa Stahl - sexy

Unknown - bikini babes

Episode 2 - Bad Blades

Shana Saling - pokies

Episode 3 - Silent Witness

Lisa Stahl - cleavage

Paige Moss - nice

Episode 4 - Deadly Vision

Bobbie Brown - bikini

Cheryl Bartel - nice

Lisa Stahl - nice

Unknown - bikini

Episode 5 - Just a Gigolo

Amanda Harmon - bikini

Lisa Vanderpump - nice

Unknown - sexy

Episode 7 - Pressure Cooker

Ferrari Farris - pokies

Unknown - bikini

Episode 8 - Balancing Act

Angie Harmon - upskirt

Linda Hoffman - sexy

Episode 10 - Kind of Drag

Andrea Leithe - nice

Sandy Flynn - sexy

Unknown - sexy, and a nipple briefly poking out in the fourth collage

Episode 11 - Takeover

Donna D'Errico - cleavage

Unknown - nice

Episode 12 - Thin Blood

Donna D'Errico - cleavage

Laura Harring - pokies

Episode 13 - Payback

Angie Harmon - in her underwear

Meilani Paul - sexy

Unknown - pokies

Episode 14 - Backup

Donna D'Errico - cleavage

Kimber Sissons - sexy

Valerie Wildman - nice

Episode 15 - Thief in the Night

Christiana Capetillo - very sexy

Donna D'Errico - cleavage

Episode 16 - The Curator

Angie Harmon - bikini

Yasmine Bleeth - sexy



Animals is about Syd (Marc Blucas) who is having a really bad day, no let's make that life. A former star local footballer, he is now stuck in his old home town working a dead end job at a construction site and getting wasted at the local bar nightly. Enter Nora (Nicky Aycox), who strolls into the bar one night and immediately goes for Syd and they go to his house, have relations and she bites him and all of a sudden, Syd feels like a new man with these new animal instincts. After fucking each others brains out like all good animals do, Nora is found by her former partner Vic (Naveen Andrews) who wants Nora all for himself and takes her back forcefully wanting her to continue their raid of America. But Nora wants out and it's up to Syd to harness his new found animal instincts to save the imprisoned Nora and stop Vic. And the person who will give him that drive to harness his powers is his long time pal Jane (Eva Amurri) who has a secret of her own which Syd will find out after some more fucking... Ha, I was quite surprised at the amount of sex in this film. I knew there was some, but there's a whole 20 minute block where that's all that pretty much happens. Not that I'm complaining, no, not at all as Nicky Aycox is quite something here. Shame the film doesn't reach for greater heights, it's passable fun, but still silly all the same. We don't get enough erotic thrillers as it is, particularly with actors who aren't totally Z-grade, so when a B-grade erotic thriller comes along, even though it's not really an erotic thriller in the technical sense, we must celebrate it cos they're few and far between nowadays

Nicki Aycox 1080p film clips (1, 2, 3) Collages below

Eva Amurri 1080p film clip (no real nudity; see below)



Saw ripoff only available in England.
Katheryn Winnick: pokies, boob behind shower curtain.

Big Fucking Monster

(2012 video)
Splatter horror by the makers of Gutterballs to be released Halloween 2012.
Kayla Thomas aka Kaylatran Anne: hopefully she’s more nude in the final release.

Lingerie Football League

Elizabeth Crisante Green becomes the first player from Toronto Triumph to get out of uniform.

"Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays"

episode: "Bridges" (s1e05)
Tommie-Amber Pirie: finally does the dirty deed with Michael.

"The Secret Circle"

tv series
Another series about teen vampires.
Jessica Parker Kennedy: sideboob then in underwear at beginning of second episode.

"The Collector"

episode: "The Jockey" (s3e01)
Ellen Dubin: cleavage.

"Cashing In"

episode "High Stakes" (s3e06)
Sarah Podemski: cleavage.

unknowns: sexy


season one
This should be the last until season two next year.

Lee Tomaschefski: very sexy as stripper in a couple of episodes although she never stripped for the entire season.
Episode 6

Episode 8

"Commente survivre aux week-ends"

aka How to Survive Weekends
Some sort of Quebec series
Catherine Yale (blonde) and Amelie Simard (brunette): stripped down to their brassieres while sipping wine while stuck in elevator.


le saison deux, le episode cinq (s2e05)
Finally some nudity in this Quebec series this season.
Pascale Bussieres: full boob in sex scene.

Mila Mansour: skivvies as model.

Monia Chokri: sexy as nurse getting patient's Pepe Le Pew up.

unknown: partial boob.

Le various Quebec celebrities...

Veronique Dicaire: upskirt by singer.

Catherine Berube: hair over boobs by actress.

Cathy Gauthier: sexy comedienne.








Laurie Leveque in Petite Pute (2011)

Julie Bataille in A Cran (2004, TV)

Annie Girardot in Mandarine
(1972) aka The Sweet Deception









The Skin I Live In is Almodovar's new film. Just out, so far all we have is cam-quality.

Elena Anaya film clips

Elena Anaya Caps

Blanca Suarez film clips

Blanca Suarez Caps