How much is there to add to the self-reviewing title? You can probably deduce from the title that there was never, at any time, a plan to call this Schindler's List 2. Although now that I think about it, that would make a pretty cool movie - Schindler's List 2: The Wrath of Goeth. If only Ricardo Montalban were still around to play Goeth.

Obviously, MILF is a straight-to-vid youthploitation film cut from the 80s mold of tits and blue jokes and college kids. The bar for these films has been raised quite a bit since the 80s, because just about everything has already been done that can be done in this genre, so it's tough to come up with new gross-outs and original characters. I have to give the film a tip o' the hat for stretching the boundaries a bit. The basic premise of the film is that two best friends, college roommates, end up screwing each other's divorced moms. Everybody feels guilty and each guy tries to hide the affair from the other guy, not knowing that the other guy is doing the same.

That in itself is not so very daring, but there is one place where the script pushes the outside of the envelope. One of the guys comes back unexpectedly early to the dorm room. His mom is inside screwing his roommate. The couple in the room realize what's happening when they hear the lock jiggling, so they hide under a bed. When the roommate enters, he finds that a camera has been running, so he rewinds it and watches his roommate fucking a hot blonde chick. The action is so hot that he starts to tug one off. The camera angle prevents him from seeing that the woman in the video is his mom. Making the matter even more uncomfortable, his mom is under the bed, fully aware that he is jerking off over her, but unable to do anything about it.

When this genre began, perhaps 30-35 years ago, with movies like Animal House and Porky's, there was an effort to present situations one could imagine oneself in. It appears that there are no more such situations available. I have a good enough imagination, but I can't really picture myself jerking off while watching my mom screwing my college roommate, and I really can't imagine my mom being under the bed while I'm doing it. If you've actually been in a situation like that, you're a pretty weird dude.

Oh, well. The fact that one cannot relate to the situations doesn't mean the film isn't fun to watch. To be honest, it's kind of a turn-on. The two moms are hot, and there are various other situations involving attractive chicks. There's lots of nudity, and the film has a pleasant, good-hearted vibe which makes up for its lack of jokes and originality. It's easy enough to watch.


  • Amy Lindsay is the main female star as one of the moms, a character who is quite centered and pleasant. She and the one kid have a real relationship, not just lust, so they have tender, straight sex. She shows her breasts several times, but never shows any more than that.
  • Molinee Green is completely nuts as the other mom. She does a sexy full frontal just a few minutes into the film, then is later seen in a crazy sex scene.
  • Diana Terranova does yet another crazy sex scene. She's fully naked and covered with chocolate syrup.
  • Christina Nguyen - boring scene, straight sex, breasts only.
  • unknown - a yoga instructor bares her breasts in a three-way.
  • unknown - a young mom bares her enormous breasts in straight missionary position sex.
  • unknown - the wife of the physics teacher bares it all briefly, and her breasts at length, in a hot tub scene.
  • Jamie Bernadette may or may not have had her breast peeking out of her dress. Oh, the breast was there, but it may have been a body double. Since my best guess was "double," I didn't capture it. There wasn't much to it anyway.
  • Various other body parts appeared from various other women, often without visible heads. (There's no shortage of nudity in this film!)



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.




Boardwalk Empire

True Blood will probably resume tomorrow. A higher priority at the moment is the ongoing "Boardwalk Empire," which is hot off the presses in 1920x1080. Here's episode four.

Emily Meade film clip (samples below)


Gretchen Mol film clip (and other women; samples below)



Lust Connection

Avy Scott

Holly Hollywood

Danni Presents

Danni Ashe

Erica Campbell

Rita G

Natural Wonders

Ginger Jolie

Jamie Hammer

Shay Laren

Clit Town

Iris Blu




Lexx is a Canadian and German sci-fi co-production. The main actress from the second series was Xenia Seeberg, dressed in a sexy, skimpy outfit.

Series 2 Episode 5 - 1 Lafftrak

Barbara Schmied - sexy

Rosemarie Friedrich - sexy

Sandra Keller - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - upskirt, sort of

Series 2 Episode 6 - Stan's Trial

Nina Franoszek - sexy

Susanna Metzner - topless, but hidden

Unknown - sexy

Series 2 Episode 7 - Love Grows

C J Filder - sexy

Terry Nicholas - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 2 Episode 8 - White Trash

Susan Dalton - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 2 Episode 9 - 791

Amy Kerr - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 2 Episode 10 - Wake the Dead

Nikki Barnett - sexy

Patricia Zentilli - naked taking a shower

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 2 Episode 11 - Nook

Xenia Seeberg - topless getting a massage

Series 2 Episode 13 - Twilight

Louise Wischermann - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - sexy


"Paparazzi Princess: The Paris Hilton Story"

 (2008 TV movie)

Docu-comedy based on the heiress fighting a drunk driving conviction. Sequel in the works based on recent events.

Amber Hay as Paris Hilton: pokies, cleavage, underwear, bikini, and a pg-rated version of a naughty cellphone picture.

Sara Canning as Nikki Hilton: upskirt nearly pulling a Britney Spears.

Chelan Simmons as Lindsay Lohan: bikini in hottub.

Farrah Aviva as Nicole Richie: pokies.

Tara Frederick as bulldyke: hitting up on Paris in holding cell.

"World's Sexiest Nude Women"

(2007 video)

Out on newsstands this week, November 2010 hefmag hefmate of the month Shera Bechard. She spent her early nudie days as Mystique model Aurora Vaillencourt.

Shera Bechard aka Aurora Vaillencourt: full frontal.


episode: "Ragged Old Flag" (s1e07)

The episode title refers to a flag football game where the losing female team will have to do a cheerleading routine in the underwear in public. I thought it referred to a tampon.

Heather Hemmens: bra and panties.

Kate Lang Johnson: bra and panties.

Elysia Rotaru: bra and panties.

Sharon Leal: cleavage in sports brassiere.

Gail O'Grady: cleavage.



Val Kilmer film loosely based on the Hotel St. Pierre heist.

Cheryl Meyer: boob almost falling out of skivvies, buns having sex on stairs.

Lauura McLean: sexy only.

strippers: topless, lapdancing.

"Que Sera"

(2008 short)

Short unlisted on IMDB but available on youtube.

Erin Boyes: bare back.

Vixen Highway 2006: It Came from Uranus!

(2010 trailer)

The less said about this title the better.

From the trailer it seems:

Vivita is the nurse. Amabelle Singson is the detective in the first frame. Alyssa Nicole Pallett is the topless brunette. Danielle I. Szlawieniec-Haw is the stacked chick in the t-shirt.  Deanna Prall is the nude shower babe.



1984 episode

Syndicated episodes are airing on Comedy Gold in Canada but they're not the uncensored Showtime version.

Annie McAuley: bra-less in t-shirt, side boob in blouse after taking it off.

Other cable roundups.

"Lost Girl"

Showcase had a four episode recap last weekend, move along.

"Todd and the Book of Pure Evil"

episode "Gay Day" (s1e04)

Definitely nothing to see here, move along.




Nicky Figueredo in Witchmaster General


Debbie Kopacz in Witchmaster General


Colleen Marie in Witchmaster General

Sin ah Kim in A Tale of Legendary Libido

Victoria Maurette in Tales of an Ancient Empire

Sheila Whitfield in The Vice



A very young and gorgeous Penelope Cruz in Jamon, Jamon

Aidan Dee in A Dangeous Mind 720p

Isabelle Huppert in Violette Noiziere

Marsha Thompson in Brazen Hussies

Melanie Kilburn in The Wimbledon Poisoner

Michelle Collins, Cathy Murphy and Susie Ann Watkins in Lucky Sunil

Kerry Washington and Naomi Watts in Mother and Child in HD

The women of Sacred Flash: Majella Shepherd, Michelle Thorn, Amanda Dawkins and Hannah Callow, and a passel o' naked nuns.