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Lewis & Clark & George



Lewis & Clark & George is post-Tarantino gangster road movie. As the film opens, Rose McGowan is part of a plan to steal a rare poisonous snake from a zoo and sell it to a collector. She double-crosses the collector and her boyfriend, steals a car, and heads off with the snake. Meanwhile, Dan Gunther and Salvator Xuereb have just escaped from prison. They have directions from an old prisoner on where to find a map to a long forgotten gold mine, and are teaming up to find it. Salvator Xuereb is gun-loving, violent, and testosterone-ridden. Dan Gunther is a mild-mannered sort who was in jail for computer fraud. Xuereb needs him because he can't read. You have probably already guessed by the title that all three end up together searching for the gold mine, and double-cross each other at every turn.

McGowan spends most of the film mute, and there's really nobody to like in this film, but it does maintain a good pace, has some excellent photography and some skewed comedy. As an example of the humor, Xuereb is at a rest stop along the highway. A whole motor home full of tourists takes photos of "the real cowboy," so he guns them all down with a machine gun.

An adequate genre effort.

Rose McGowan

Suzanne Mari

Tamara Clatterbuck

Paula Sorge









The Making of the Carousel Girls Calendar


Some videotapes will never make it to digital media. The Making of the Carousel Girls Calendar should be one of them. This is, for most of its running time, a standard strip and pose - no wiggling at all - kind of tape. Gals get nekkid in two settings, once while they are posing for this calendar while riding a carousel ... you see where the title comes from ... and again out in the wild somewhere. The carousel posing is partly behind-the-scenes of the photoshoot and partly a more free-form, clothes-free romp. All that is just dandy and it takes up maybe 60% of the tape time. The other 40% is not so dandy as the folks who shot this tape turned it into a documentary about the photographer. One would not object except he is made out to be some sort of artist who sculpts and paints and only lately chose to shoot nekkid gals on film because that is just as legitimate a medium to work with.

He is a latter day Toulouse Lautrec, this guy - just as humorless

Only taller.

And no beard.

Anyway the gals look good and were this a DVD I might still be capping it. A few of them you know from real movies - Julie K. Smith, Samantha Phillips, Erin Ashley and Shelly Jones. Several others come with two names but seem to have done little more than pose for Penthouse - Robin Brown, Sasha Vinni, Shandra Rollins, Amy Morgan, Gina Passarella and Dawnya Welsh make up that group. With three women we are on a first-name basis only. Those would be the Pleasure Twins, Jennifer and Justina, and a pneumatic blonde named Heather (weren't all over-inflated blondes in the early 90's named Heather?).

Do keep in mind this was from an old videotape and so the quality is nothing to brag I won't. But as I stated at the outset, videotape is all we are likely ever to see of the Carousel Girls and their calendar.

Day 12

Film clips of the Pleasure Twins: Jennifer and Justina. Collage below







The Waterdance


Helen Hunt has always been a favorite of mine and this is her career-best nudity. Film clips here. Collages below.

Scoop's note: also a funny, touching and underrated picture - a story of a man who was paralyzed in an accident - written and directed by the guy it happened to! Well worth the time. (And Helen showing off all of her healthy bod - that's not so bad either!)










High Season



Jacqueline Bisset film clip. Sample below.







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(This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site).

Today's list is "the end of the alphabet."

Virginie Vignon in Jeux pour Couples Infidelites

Vahina Giocante in 99F

Valeria Cavalli in Le Destin des Steenfort

Viktor Laszlo in Sandra, Princesse Rebel







Notes and collages



Part 1 of ?

Amanda Donohoe








Kelly Craig (300) proves she's a real redhead

Film Clips

Amy Weber in Dangerous Seductress

The women of Fugitive Pieces: Ayelet Zurer and Rosamund Pike

Claudia Lynx in Legion of the Dead

The women of Arritmia: Erica Prior and Natalia Verbeke

Ingibjorg Stefansdottir in The Viking Sagas

Maria de Medeiros in Shelter Me. Not much to see, but it's her first nudity in about 15 years. Samples below.