"He Knows You're Alone"

He Knows You're Alone (1980) is a first effort from Armand Mastroianni. It also marked the film debut of Tom Hanks in a minor role. The already small budget was cut in half, and they decided to make it anyway. It was shot entirely on Staten Island using free locations. It is about a serial killer who specializes in young brides to be, who is stalking Caitlin O'Heaney. Hot on his trail is a police detective whose own bride was killed by the same killer. Most of the gore was implied rather than shown, and it was scripted with no nudity at all. The producers insisted on a nude scene, so they used Elizabeth Kemp's breasts in a shower scene.

It was made as an indie, but picked up instantly by MGM. It is sitting at 3.7 of 10 at the moment. It was one of a glut of slasher films spawned by Halloween and Friday the 13th, and did fine at the box office. It wasn't possible for me to get sucked into the film, as O'Heaney never had one hair out of place through the entire film. It just wasn't credible to me that someone terrified and being chased through dirty corridors would look like she just left the beauty shop after a make-over. The film does look much better than I would expect given the budget, and the DVD includes a commentary with the writer and the producer. This is a C, a competent slasher film.

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  • Elizabeth Kemp (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26)

    "Friday the 13 Part 6: Jason Lives"

    Friday the 13 Part 6: Jason Lives (1986) is far from a typical Friday the 13th film, in that it has absolutely no nudity, but does accomplish several things for the franchise. Most importantly, it brings Jason back from the grave. Tommy Jarvis, the kid from number 4/troubled teen from 5, digs him up to cremate him, stabs the rotting corpse with a wrought iron pole, and lightning strikes the pole, reanimating Jason. This gives us our antagonist back, and a misunderstood protagonist, paving the way for many more sequels.

    The lake has been renamed, and everything looks different, so the set doesn't have to match the first 4 films. Jarvis also gains a love interest in Megan Garris. Jason is down but not out at the end of the film. For the first time, the camp is full of kids. IMdb readers have this at 4.5 of 10, and it earned $19.5M against a budget of only $6.75M. Series fans consider this one of the better in the series. The acting is different, the story reasonably complex for the genre, and the pace is not bad. The body count is still there, but they do not dwell as much on the gore effects. This is a C.

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    Prozac Nation (2001):

    Miramax still has the official site online. It proudly announces that it will be coming to a theater near you in the Fall of 2003. This film has still never been released in the USA, either in theaters or on video. In fact, I think it is only available on DVD in Finland and Russia.

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    'Caps and comments by Brainscan:

    Some more clips from the Naked and Naughty disk. Most of these come form the DVD extras.

    First up are three veterans of B movies:

    Lisa Comshaw in a preview of another production entitled, Jenna Jameson's Escapades.

    Lorissa McComas shows up in a preview for Lips, Legs and Lingerie. Our three favorite L's.

    And there's this preview of Monique Parent. from where I cannot remember. Monique trails only Julie Strain in the number of movies she has done without clothing.

    Former Hefmate Rebecca Ferratti does this long strip-n-wiggle routine in the extras part of the disk. I remember Rebecca when the equipment was all-real and she was breathtakingly beautiful. Like in The Three Amigos. "Nuff said.

    • Rebecca Ferratti (1, 2)

    Seana Ryan, former Pet, is in a preview of a DVD about motorcylces and nekkid gals. She plays the part of the nekkid gal.

    And the last couple of clips are from the main feature, itself, and star Tyler Gates. This is the most provocative sequence on the disk because Tyler really enjoys showing off the goodies and the camera comes real close several times to becoming super-gyno-cam, only to have a jump-cut take us back to more socially acceptable views. Googled Tyler and learned she is something of a fetish model/actress. From what you see here that is easy to believe.

    • Tyler Gates (1, 2)

    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    "Bite Me!"
    Let's face it, Misty Mundae is known for making T&A flicks, usually comedies mocking famous movies such as Planet of the Apes. They are full of nudity and simulated sex, often lesbian, and are a lot of fun. Someone changed the formula for Misty on this one, and it's too bad, because this 2004 so-called horror flick is pure crap, despite surrendering some just-fair topless scenes.

    It is actually a comedy/horror, but the horror part is very thin, and the comedy mostly stupid. There also was no sex scenes except one under-the-covers-nothing-showing lesbian encounter, and the nudity is very restrained and pretty much just topless.

    The so-called plot is that a hybrid strain of bio-engineered marijuana is delivered to a struggling strip joint by mistake. Along for the ride is a group of insects that apparently have been feeding on the marijuana with some surprising results: they're now huge blood-suckers, and their bite has an interesting side effect. It brings out lesbian tendencies in women. Too bad they underplayed this part way, way too much, as it would have worked nicely if they'd have shown some lesbian action.

    The nudity was good enough to cap, but this is pure garbage, and I'd avoid it if I were you. In fact, I almost wish I had.

    'Caps and comments by Spaz:

    "Night Owl" (1993) aka "Nite Owl"
    Graphic b&w vampire indie horror not to be confused with the PG-rated tv movie of the same year.

    "Vampires vs. Zombies" (2004)
    Lesbian vampire straight-to-video by the same people who made "Corpse-O-Rama".

    Hunger: Web of Desires DVD collection
    Another collection of four episodes.

    Leap Years: episode 15
    TV series with multiple timelines starring David Julian Hirsh as Josh Adler (who later went on to Naked Josh). There are several sex scenes in each episode but the nudity is mostly PG-rated although there a few notable exceptions.

    Cleaning up my hard drive...

    Halle Berry
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    Ok, so we've seen 'caps of Halle topless in "Swordfish" before, but DeadLamb kicked some serious but with these Hi-Def 'caps! Links 1-3 feature Berry topless, the others feature her black undies scene.

    Helena Bonham Carter
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)

    Señor Skin 'caps of the "Fight Club" co-star baring all in dark scenes from "The Wings of the Dove" (1997).

    Here's the breakdown:
    Toplessness...links 3, 6, 10, 11, 12 and 13
    bare bum...links 2, 4 and 7
    breasts and bum...5, 8 and 9
    bush...links #1
    clear toplessness, plus partial other goodies...links 14 and 15