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Today: episode seven

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Johnny's comments:

Plastic is a British thriller based on a true story where a group of college boys headed by Sam (Ed Speleers) run a credit card scam that nets them some tidy cash. One day, Yatesy (Alfie Allen) and Rafa (Sebastian De Souza) do a quick smash and grab on an unsuspecting punter and steal a suitcase which just happens to be owned by the crime boss Marcel (Thomas Kretschmann), who tracks them down, works out what they do and threatens them with death unless the group pays him 2 million dollars in two weeks. Even running their scams, they are going to struggle until Sam meets Frankie (Emma Rigby), who works for a data processing centre involved with credit cards. So, the team with Frankie go to Miami to steal from the credit cards of unsuspecting high rollers, but Yatesy gets jealous of Sam and Frankie and stuffs up their plan, so they go with a plan Rafa concocts on-the-fly where he impersonates a prince from Brunei (who is remarkably a dead ringer!) and steal diamonds from an unsuspecting jeweller worth up to 20 million dollars. Things go well with their hasty plan until petty jealousies and a psychotic Marcel enter the fray.

Decidedly preposterous movie (so of course it's based on a true story) that isn't anything you haven't seen before and plays up the glam factor to its maximum. And it's near impossible to have any sympathy for the group because they are such a bunch of confident arseholes (maybe some sympathy for Frankie who was played and had altruistic motives for being in on the scam), so fuck these guys. Slick, smooth, but completely vapid and no-one to barrack for. Meh!

And what's with British crime movies being about credit card scams all of a sudden? Feels totally low-rent. We're going to miss the bank robbery/heist movie when the world goes totally digital.

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